Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Protest the Frackers' conference

On June 28-29, the Fracking industry in WA is having an “educational” event. It costs over a thousand dollars to attend and is clearly aimed at people in the industry with money - rather than the rest of us who will be affected by this toxic industry.

The conference program is all about developing the industry, from finances to legal issues and overcoming environmental protections - without going into any of the environmental or health issues that fracking causes.

Protest: 11:30am for 12 noon , Thurs 28 June

Seasons of Perth Hotel 37 Pier St Perth, WA

Protest organised by: No Fracking WAy
www.nofrackingway.org.au | info [at] nofrackingway.org.au

Other Upcoming Events:
  • Meet 5pm every second Tuesday - see website for more details
  • Rally against fracking: 1pm Sat 18 August, Murray St Mall
  • Sustainable September, Gasland screening. [Details to be announced]
  • October 13 National day of action against fracking. [Details to be announced]