Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Solidarity with Kobanê day: rally, march and fundraising

Support the Kurdish liberated zone

Join this rally, march and fundraising effort

Kobanê is a canton of Rojava – a predominantly Kurdish “liberated zone” in northern Syria. It is an essential line of defence against attacks by Islamic State thugs.

11am, Sat 1 November

Murray Street Mall, Perth City

Organised by Kurdish Association of WA. Ph 0401 686 067.

Attend on Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/1493300347596650

Monday, October 27, 2014

Pink Saris screening to mark Reclaim the Night

All welcome

"Pink Saris" tells the story of the Gulabi Gang, an Indian women's organisation founded by Sampat Pal Devi, to fight women's abuse and oppression. Drawn predominantly from Dalit women (the "untouchable" lowest caste), they organise direct action to prevent abuse of women. Famous for threatening violent husbands with beatings using laathis (long sticks), they oppose child marriage, official corruption and the lack of educational opportunities for girls.

Join us on the evening of Reclaim the Night, in celebrating women's resistance to violence. We will also be paying tribute to the women of Kurdistan and expressing solidarity with Muslim women confronting the rise of Islamophobia in Australia today.

Friday 31 October

Perth Activist Centre
15/5 Aberdeen St, Perth (next to McIver station)

6pm Greetings
6.30pm Pink Saris film screening
8pm walk to Northbridge together to Reclaim the Night

Hosted by Socialist Alliance. Ph Kamala 0417 319662


Attend on Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/1515477592033454

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Photos from rally against Black deaths in custody

Hundreds of people marched from Supreme Court Gardens to protest against Black deaths in custody on October 23.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Stop Black deaths in custody: Justice for Miss Dhu - Thurs 23 Oct

[Information from Deaths in Custody Watch Committee.]

**** Aboriginal people should be aware that the following content contains images of a deceased person ****

"On Thursday 23rd October 2014 communities across the country will pause to remember the tragic death in custody of Miss Dhu and to call on Governments around the nation to take action"

'Justice for Miss Dhu'

National rallies being held around the country on the 23rd October

The Deaths in Custody Watch Committee WA Inc will join with the Family of Miss Dhu and concerned Australians in calling on the State Government of Western Australia to fully investigate the death in custody of their loved one and to bring about an end to Aboriginal deaths in custody.

22-year-old Ms Dhu died on August 4 after three days in police custody for unpaid fines. She had been taken to the Hedland Health Campus twice after complaining of pain, fever and paralysis from a suspected leg infection.

Both times she was declared medically fit to be kept in custody. Police said she was fine when her family called to see if she was OK.

She died the next day. Now the premier is calling for an expedited coronial inquest to quell calls for an independent inquiry into Ms Dhu's death.

Will anyone be held responsible?

Read More
"Behind every death in police or prison custody there is a family that grieves for their loved one"
Petitioning the Australian Government Justice for Julieka - No more deaths in custody Julieka was failed by the system. Nobody deserves to die like that, wounded, begging for help and being mocked and dismissed. All because she had around $1,000 in unpaid fines. This latest tragedy could easily have been prevented.

In 1987, the Hawke government set up the Royal commission into Indigenous deaths in custody, to help find out why Indigenous deaths in custody were so prevalent and to address how to stop it.

When the commission handed down its findings, the Australian government lost it's right to feign ignorance of the issue. The commission made over 300 recommendations to either eliminate or significantly reduce deaths in custody. Yet very few, if any were ever acted upon.

Sign the Petition HERE

We call on concerned members of the WA Community to come together and support the Family and community of Ms Dhu who tragically died in a Port Hedland lock up last month.

The family are demanding answers to numerous questions surrounding the death of their loved one.

The Public Rally & March in Perth will take place from Supreme Court Gardens (Riverside) forming up from 11:30am and marching off up Barrack St, left into St Georges Tce and up to Parliament House.

23 October 2014

Our Demands

Freo for Freedom: 2 Nov 2014

Freo 4 Freedom

An afternoon of social education and collaboration, leading into an evening of insightful comedy and inspiring music as we come together to build a creative local movement for social and political change.

Sunday 2 November

North Fremantle Bowling Club
40 Stirling Highway, North Freo

music food lawn bowls workshops
from 2pm (free entry)

hip hop freestyle comedy show
from 6:30pm (entry by donation)


Attend on Facebook:

Organised by Freo RRAN

No crime to seek asylum

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Images and sound from Perth rally against Islamophobia

Over 200 people rallied in Perth city on October 18 to stand against Islamophobia. The government and corporate media are fostering an environment in which ordinary people blame Muslims, instead of the Abbott government, for their problems.

The result is sweeping attacks on civil liberties for all in Australia.

It is also being used as an excuse for a new war in Iraq.

[Audio from the rally is above. Video below by James Rendell. Photos by Alex Bainbridge. More photos from Marziya Mohammedali and Zeb Parkes.]

Save our communities: Defend Aboriginal heritage - 12 November 2014

[Information from the Swan Valley Nyungah Community]


Stand with us at Parliament House at

12 noon on 12 November 2014 

to speak out against genocide and human rights violations in WA.

Oombulgurri, Swan Valley Nyungah Community and Kennedy Hill have been bulldozed.

What is next?

The Abott Government is withdrawing funding from 180 communities in Western Australia. The State Government is letting it happen, which means they will lose basic services and be shut down.

“Barnett’s plan will inflict more suffering and death on us the First People”.

By closing down Communities this State government is denying us as First People our right live on our Land the way we want to live, as a community of people, protecting our Families, our Culture and our Sacredness in the Land.

Bulldozing our Communities is forced assimilation, forced displacement and homelessness, forced sickness and death. The damage will be felt for generations to come.

Article 8 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples says “Indigenous peoples and individuals have the right not to be subjected to forced assimilation or destruction of their culture”.

“Our rights as the First People are not being respected”.


Elders from: Oombulgurri;
Western Desert;
Yindjibarndi People;
Wongi Country; and
Nyungah Country.


Don’t wait for the justice that never comes, stand up and demand your rights.

Stand With Us

For more information contact Bella Bropho 0467 329 047 or 0411 240296, or email svnc@nyungah.org.au (office phone number 92791 636) Herbert Bropho 0475 080 523

Friday, October 17, 2014

Post rally: Muslim rights, women's rights & queer rights - Sat 18 Oct

Post-rally discussion: All welcome

Muslim rights, women's rights and queer rights

Come back after the rally against Islamophobia to discuss some of the key issues in this campaign.

Sat 18 October

3pm Perth Activist Centre
15/5 Aberdeen St, Perth (next to McIver station)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rojava: Why we should all support the Kurdish freedom struggle - Tues 21 Oct

Public forum: All welcome

Kobanê: Why we should all support the Kurdish freedom struggle

A desperate battle by progressive Kurdish-led resistance fighters is seeking to defend Kobanê from ISIS fundamentalist forces. Kobanê is in Rojava, or Western Kurdistan, is a predominantly Kurdish area in northern Syria that is a semi-autonomous “liberated zone” experiencing a social revolution.

This forum will recount the story of liberation in Rojava and discuss the issues for progressive people in Australia. It will feature DAVE HOLMES from Socialist Alliance in Melbourne (via Skype).

Tues 21 Oct

6:30pm, Perth Activist Centre
15/5 Aberdeen St, Perth (next to McIver station)

Ph 0413 976 638

Attend on Facebook:

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rally against Islamophobia: Sat 18 Oct

Rally against Islamophobia

Take a stand against the government and media racism against Muslims and people with Middle Eastern background. This distraction from the budget attacks on ordinary people is being used to fuel war abroad and attack democratic rights at home.

Sat 18 October

1pm Murray St Mall, Perth

Phone Kamala 0417 319 662 or Miranda 0424 613 941

Attend on Facebook:

Post-rally discussion: All welcome

Muslim rights, women's rights and queer rights

Come back after the rally against Islamophobia to discuss some of the key issues in this campaign.

Sat 18 October

3pm Perth Activist Centre
15/5 Aberdeen St, Perth (next to McIver station)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Book launch: Sri Lanka's Secrets - Tues 7 October


Author Trevor Grant in conversation with Senator Lee Rhiannon.

6:30m Tues 7 October

Reception Room at rear of Fremantle Town Hall (enter via stairs and patio).

An insight into the end of the Civil War in 2009 and the continuing torture and abuse of Tamils in Sri Lanka - although denied by the Australian Government, cynically preoccupied with ’stopping the boats’ at any cost.

Books for sale and book signing at the event.
Tamil cuisine and beverages available by donation 6-8pm.

Sri Lanka’s Secrets is Published by Monash University Publishing

Hosted by Action for Human Rights in Tamil Eelam and Sri Lanka and Fremantle Refugee Rights Action Network

Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/289879344549523