Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stop Lynas' toxic exports


Come and hear community from Malaysia campaigning against Lynas Corporation. Learn about this Australian rare earth mining company’s plan to impose their Lynas Advanced Materials Plant - a toxic and radioactive rare earth processing plant - on their lives and livelihoods.

6pm, Monday 5 September
Ross Memorial Church, William St, Perth
Supported by the Conservation Council WA

6pm, Thursday 8 September
MUA Hall, 2-4 Kwong Alley, North Fremantle

12 noon, Friday 9 September
Outside Lynas Office, Level 1, 7 Tully Road, East Perth

For more information contact Lee Tan:
0417 082 294 stoplynasnow@gmail.com

Join the ‘Save Malaysia! Stop Lynas!’ delegation at their stalls outside Fremantle Markets, Sat 3 and Sun 4 September between 9AM-4PM.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Free the Refugees protest at perth detention centre

On the 27 of August, 10 years on from Tampa day, refugee activists in Perth, including Socialist Alliance and Resistance members. About 80 people came to the action and chanted azadi, freedom in farsi at the fence. The refugees could hear the chanting and chanted back, even with serco guards pushing them away from windows and the fence whilst police stood between activists and the fence.

The rally was demanding the end of mandatory dentition, the freedom of refugees and stopping the Malaysian "solution".

Here are some photos from the day

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rally for the Cuban Five


The Australia-Cuba Friendship Society invites you to this rally to mark the 13th anniversary of the imprisonment in the United States of five anti-terrorist fighters from Cuba.

Sunday 11 September
12 noon, Kings Square, Fremantle (cnr Adelaide & William Sts, next to Fremantle Town Hall)

The rally will be demanding:
* that the US releases the Five Cuban heroes incarcerated since 1998 in different US prisons.

We call on your support to fight this unjustice.

We want freedom for the Five and Visitation Rights

We want Justice, bring your placards, flags and have your say.

For more information contact ACFS: acfsperth@gmail.com

Protest against mandatory detention and the Malaysian Solution

Two actions for refugee rights this week

1 Speakout for refugee rights - Fri 26 Aug
5pm Murray Street Mall

2 Tampa Day rally - Sat 27 August
2pm, Perth Immigration Detention Centre
Baker Rd, Perth Domestic Airport

Over several days in August of 2001 the Tampa incident marked a turning point in how Australia engaged with the refugee issue. John Howard used the SAS to prevent the freighter Tampa from landing asylum seekers on Christmas Island that it had rescued at sea, rescued at Australia's request no less.

Ten years later Australia continues to be the only country practicing mandatory detention of asylum seekers, and continues to violate the Refugee Convention by refusing the right to seek asylum. The Malaysian Solution is that latest disgraceful chapter in a long series of violations of the Refugee Convention, breaches of international law and even Australian domestic law.

Join us to voice our opposition to these policies. Let the refugees in Perth detention centre know that we know what is being done to them is wrong.

  • Stop Trading in Vulnerable Lives
  • No Malaysian Solution
  • End mandatory detention
  • Free the refugees

Transport available from East Perth Transport Centre, departing 1.30 PM near the footbridge.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Save Beeliar Wetlands rally

Hundreds of people protested against the extension of the Roe Highway ("the road to nowhere") at a rally called by Save Beeliar Wetlands on August 20, 2011.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Three ways to help save the Kimberley this week

There are three actions in Perth this week to help save the Kimberley.

1 Wednesday at Woodside (Tomorrow)

New Woodside CEO Peter Coleman will be fronting the media to present the company's half year results on August 17. We will be there too: presenting our own half year report on Woodside's performance on the environment and community relations. Result: FAILED!

Woodside Headquarters, 240 St Georges Tce (cnr Milligan St), Perth. Wed 17 August, 8:30am (tomorrow). Organised by The Wilderness Society.

2 Renewables not Gas: Speakout on Friday

Safe Climate speakout for 100% renewables by 2020 calling for:
* Protect the Kimberley
* Stop Fracking in WA
* Phase out Coal

Murray St Mall, Perth. Friday 19 August, 4:30pm. Organised by Safe Climate Perth (For more info: Zeb 0405 179 113)

3 Bike to Broome: Send off on Sunday

Bike To Broome is a 5-day, around-the-clock, tandem bike ride event from Perth to Broome, to raise awareness and to oppose the building of Woodside Petroleum’s proposed gas processing plant at James Price Point, 40 kilometres north of Broome. Six pairs of riders, riding in shifts, will attempt to reach Broome within five and a half days - covering 2,368 kilometres...So come to the send off.

Murray Street Mall, Perth City. Sunday 21 August, 11am. Organised by the Wilderness Society.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Raunch culture", porn and women's liberation: a socialist view

*** Education Seminar from Socialist Alliance and Resistance ***

"Raunch culture", porn & women's liberation: a socialist view

Abigail Bray (co-editor of Big Porn Inc)
Kamala Emanuel (long term feminist activist)

3pm Sat 20 August
Fremantle Council Reception Room
(enter via stairs at rear of Town Hall, High St, Freo)

Attend on Facebook:

Ph 9218 9608, 0413 976 638

www.socialist-alliance.org * www.resistance.org.au

Perth rallies for equal marriage rights

Hundreds of people turned out to the latest rally for marriage equality in Perth on August 13.

The mood was very vibrant and buoyed by the hope that the ALP will change its policy at their national conference in December in Sydney.

This was also the first major rally for which leaflets and stickers for the "Justice and climate action NOT racism and war" CHOGM protest were available. People were putting stickers all over the place during the twice around the block march through Perth streets.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Speakout for Free speech and a free Palestine

Friends of Palestine WA has called a speakout this Friday to support the BDS (boycott, divestment & sanctions against Apartheid Israel) campaigners who were arrested in dawn raids on August 9 in Melbourne. The speakout will also be taking up threats by the Victorian government to use trade practices law against the BDS movement. This has implications for all progressive campaigners and is a major free speech issue.

The speakout will be in the Murray Street Mall outside the Perth Underground Station from 4:30pm on Friday 12 August.

Join the protest for free speech and a free Palestine.

The speakout will also be promoting the Boycott Apartheid Israel rally in Perth on September 17.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Equal Love Rally - 13 August 2011

Rally for Equal Marriage Rights

Saturday 13 August

1-3pm, Forrest Place, Perth city

Gay or straight, come to the National Day of Action for Equal Rights
(on the seventh anniversary of the Liberal-Labor marriage ban)

Organised by Equal Love

No more excuses - Equal Marriage Now

Ten countries and nine jurisdictions in the world have recognised marriage equality since 2001. Many other parts of the world recognise civil unions, registration schemes or same-sex marriages performed outside of the respective country.

Australians are ready to follow suit. Seventy-five percent of Australians expect same-sex marriage to be legalised, said a 2011 Galaxy Poll.

The same research said 62% of Australians support marriage equality. That number is as high as 80% among younger people. The poll also said 78% of Australians believe there should be a conscience vote in parliament on the issue.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Video and photos from Tony Blair protest

War criminal Tony Blair was met with a spirited protest of forty people on July 29 when he came to speak at Perth at the Convention Centre.

The protest began in driving rain outside the Esplanade train station handing leaflets about the crimes of Tony Blair to commuters. Then protesters moved to the nearby Convention Centre.

Police quickly moved into position and most doorways were locked. Even participants who had paid the exorbitant fees to attend were made to pass through security checks.

Chants on the night included: "Tony Blair, you can't hide, you're supporting genocide"; "Occupation is a crime, from Iraq to Palestine"; and "Tony Blair, you don't care, you're not welcome anywhere".

After the public meeting had begun and the protest was winding up, it was pointed out that a progressive website in Britain was offering substantial cash payments for attempts to make a citizen's arrest of Tony Blair for war crimes.

Activists then decided to inquire about the price of admission to the event in order to make a citizen's arrest. Venue staff opened the door when activists knocked (check the video below) allowing activists to make their inquiries and then chant loudly through the open door when they were refused admission.

After being pushed back by police, the doors opened on two additional occasions allowing the chanting to repeatedly be heard by the audience inside Blair's meeting.

The protest was organised by the Chogm Action Network and the Friends of Palestine WA.

The convention centre will be the location of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) which will be held in October. The main CHOGM protest will be held on Friday 28 October at 10am and Forrest Place and will march to the summit.

Video and photos below

Guatemala tour 2011 with Ovidio Orellana

URNG Representative—Ovidio Orellana

The United National Resistance of Guatemala (URNG)/Maiz faces a huge challenge in the upcoming general elections in Guatemala. Forming a broad front (Frente Amplio) of Left forces, Guatemala follows the path of other successful movements in Latin America for a Peoples Unity Government.

Featuring the film:
When the Mountains Tremble

Followed by Discussion, Nibbles/Drinks & Live Music
by Carlos Castellanos & Ovidio Orellana

Wed 17 August, 6-9pm

Maritime Union of Australia
2-4 Kwong Alley North Fremantle

Organised by Friends of Guatemala
Endorsed by Communist Party of Australia & Socialist Alliance

E: president@cpa.org.au P: 0419 812 872 or 9218 9608