Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Public forum: Stop the forced closure of Aboriginal communities - Tues 5 May

Public forum - all welcome:

A powerful social movement has begun to gather momentum to stop the forced closure of Aboriginal communities in WA.

This forum will discuss the impact and effects of the forced closures as well as the action that can be taken to win this campaign.

Speakers include:
Tammy Solonec (Amnesty International campaigner)
Bella Bropho (Swan Valley Nyungar Community)
Seamus Doherty (Socialist Alliance)
other speakers to be confirmed

6pm Tues 5 May

Perth Activist Centre
15/5 Aberdeen St, Perth (next to McIver station)

Hosted by Socialist Alliance. Ph 9218 9608, 0413 976 638. All welcome.

Attend on Facebook:

P.S. Join the May 1 international day of action against forced closures of communities.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Perth call to action: Stop the forced closure of Aboriginal communities - Fri 1 May

Join the rally in Perth to stop the forced closure of Aboriginal communities:

Fri 1 May

11am, Forrest Place, Perth

Stand in solidarity with over 50 communities across Australia and the world!

If you're not in Perth, find your nearest protest here and/or join the virtual protest.


P.S. You may also be interested in this forum on stopping the community closures on Tues 5 May

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Video from Aboriginal Community Closures rally

The Nyoongar Tent Embassy organised a protest in Perth against closure of WA Aboriginal communities on April 23. Police rode motorcycles and horses through the crowd.

The full story has been reported here:

Support this campaign by attending one of the May 1 rallies against the community closures:

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Perth rally resists closure of Aboriginal communities, police harassment

Perth's rally against the forced closure of Aboriginal communities on April 23 began peacefully like any other.

True, there were more police there than was necessary, but not enough to indicate the scale of intimidation and recklessness that was to come.

After a smoking ceremony, Welcome to Country and cultural dancing, speakers began to address the crowd in front of banners saying that "Sovereignty was never ceded" and calling for a stop to the forced closure of Aboriginal communities.

Elder Ted Wilkes congratulated participants for turning up and said this was the latest in a long line of attacks on Aboriginal people.

Seamus Doherty from the Plumbers' Union said that his union had passed a resolution in support of the campaign against community closures. He said his union would ensure that water was not turned off in the communities.

The message was clear as the crowd began to march out of Forrest Place towards Parliament House.

Police wanted protesters to march on the footpath, but the crowd spilled onto the streets saying "Close the gap, not our communities" and "Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land". Nothing could stop the passion to say that, after 227 years of genocide, enough was enough: the community closures had to stop!

"This is our land," they said. "Police can't tell us where we can and can't protest."

Instead of allowing the march to proceed safely, police repeatedly - but unsuccessfully - insisted on trying to break the crowd up. This included a reckless disregard for the safety of people on the march and was completely unnecessary in the circumstances.

This motorcycle cop was one of the worst, repeatedly driving his cycle into the middle of the crowd and refusing opportunities created to allow him to leave safely. Police horses also pushed into the crowd causing a number of minor injuries.

Without any sense of irony, police answered questions about what they were doing with the refrain that they were there "for your [our] safety"!

The marchers proceeded undaunted.

Upon arrival at Parliament House, the mood was vibrant. More speakers addressed the crowd but the police harassment didn't stop.

Mervyn Eades was arrested for protesting against police attempts to issue a move-on notice to another activist.

Police then held the crowd back as they went to support their comrade who was bundled into a police wagon.

However, there is nothing they can do to stop this campaign. Another international day of action in this campaign will take place on May 1.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Untold Story of ANZAC: A people's history - Sat 25 April

"The Untold Story of ANZAC: a People's History"

The centenary of the bloody invasion at Gallipoli approaches, and amidst all the fanfare and glorification surrounding the 'birth of the nation', we pay tribute to the untold story of ANZAC: the people's history.

Join us for music, poetry and toasts as we remember the struggles of Aboriginal soldiers who fought while at home their humanity and sovereign rights were ignored, of the heroic unionists, women's groups and Quakers who struggled and were even jailed in the campaign against conscription and the war itself.

Featuring nationally acclaimed poets:
Maitland Schnaars and Amanda Joy

Music by:
The Catalpa Flute band.

M C Fremantle Councilor Sam Wainright

Adrian Glamorgan, The Quaker experience
Kamala Emanuel, re Women and war.
Barry Healy Socialist Alliance,
Seamus Doherty re the Irish Australian relationship,

Dinner will be available for $10, $15 recommended

Saturday April 25, 4-6:30pm

Fremantle Environmental Resource Network (FERN)

26 Montreal St, Fremantle 6160

Hosted by Green Left Weekly

Attend on Facebook:

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Public forum: Stop Perth Freight Link

Lessons from Melbourne's campaign against the East-West Link

A public forum with:

Sue Bolton (Moreland City Councillor and founder of Moreland Community Against the Tunnel)
Scott Ludlam (Greens Senator)
Ken Travers (Shadow minister for transport)
Peter Newman (Director of CUSP)

Sam Wainwright (Fremantle Road to Rail)
Pam Nairn (Save Beeliar Wetlands)

2pm Saturday 11 April

Fremantle Council Reception Room
(enter via stairs and patio at rear of Town Hall)

Organised by Fremantle Road to Rail Campaign

Attend on Facebook: