Friday, May 31, 2013

GLW on March Against Monsanto

In a major show of force for the movement against genetically modified organisms (GMOs), 1600 people marched through the streets of Perth on May 25 as part of the global March Against Monsanto. Previous actions in this campaign in recent years in Perth have numbered a few hundred at most.

Organic farmers and non-GM farmers telling their stories made up a significant part of the speaking platfom. Organic farmer Kelly Newton-Wordsworth opened the rally with a number of powerful songs about saving the environment and opposing GMOs.

Julie Newman from the Network of Concerned Farmers spoke early about the case of Steve Marsh who has initiated landmark court action against Monsanto. Marsh was unable to attend the rally but his statement was read by Newman.

Marsh is an organic farmer whose crops were polluted by GM canola from a neighbouring farm. Consequently, he has lost organic certification over 70% of his Kojonup farm thereby threatening his livelihood. He has commenced legal action against his neighbour who is being fully supported by Monsanto making this a precedent-setting David versus Goliath case.

Solidarity with Marsh became a significant theme of the Perth March Against Monsanto with badge sales, fundraising and information sharing about his case. Greens senator Scott Ludlam was one of several speakers who expressed solidarity with Marsh.

In a somewhat surreal way, the huge rally proceeded through the streets of Perth on the footpath - including being broken up at times by changes in traffic lights – despite clearly having the numbers to march on the roads. More inspiring was the march through some shopping arcades and the Perth train station in the centre of Perth, reminiscent of some of the actions at the height of Occupy Perth.

The rally concluded with speakers and a festival at Russell Square in Northbridge.

Organic farmer Bee Winfield made a powerful speech which highlighted the threat organic farming poses to Monsanto and outlining the long record of environmental disasters for which Monsanto has been responsible (including DDT, PCBs and Agent Orange).

Organiser Janet Grogan also spoke about the strength of the global ``March Against Monsanto'' movement. She urged people to seek out non-GMO alternatives.

[This article by Alex Bainbridge was written for Green Left Weekly #968. Photos and video by Alex Bainbridge for Green Left Weekly.]

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Free speech victory: Police defeated in court over illegal "move-on" notice

This video records the reaction by activists Alex Bainbridge and Kamala Emanuel after a significant court victory on 28 May 2013.

Emanuel had been charged with failure to comply with a move on notice that was issued during a rally against gas fracking in April 2012. She didn't claim to have complied with the move-on order but only that it had been issued invalidly - that is that there were no reasonable (or indeed legal) grounds for the move on notice to have been issued.

The magistrate Mr Huston found Emanuel "not guilty" and acquitted her of the charge.

His verdict found specifically that the Perth City Council rangers had no legal authority to seize the banner that sparked the issue and that the move-on notice was invalid.

* * *

[The following article by Alex Bainbridge was submitted to Green Left #968.]

Free speech court victory over illegal move-on notices

Perth activist Kamala Emanuel won a resounding victory on May 28 in a significant court case dealing with the right to protest.

Emanuel was charged with failing to comply with a police move-on notice that was issued during an April 2012 protest rally against fracking. Emanuel did not dispute that she refused to comply with the move-on order but argued through her lawyer Phillip Laskaris in court that the move-on notice was invalid.

The police officer who issued the move-on notice justified his action by claiming that Emanuel had been disorderly prior to the issuing of the notice. (Police witnesses and the prosecutor argued in court that any behaviour that was not ``orderly'' should be classified as ``disorderly''.)

Magistrate Richard Huston found that Emanuel was not in fact being disorderly and that the police officer had no reasonable grounds to believe that she was. Therefore the move-on notice was invalid and Emanuel was ``not guilty''.

The significance of this decision goes beyond the particular incident in question.

Move-on notices are controversial because they give WA police a power that in practice is used in an arbitrary way against Aboriginal people, homeless people and others.

Move-on notices are also used unfairly against activists and protesters as in Emanuel's case. Prior to being issued with a move-on notice, Perth City Council rangers had tried to suppress the whole rally against gas fracking. They seized banners, placards and tables claiming that they were in violation of council by-laws.

The issuing of two police move-on notices at that rally was a use of police power to support an undemocratic Council attempt to suppress a legal, peaceful rally. Emanuel was holding onto a banner to prevent its seizure by council rangers when she was issued with the move-on notice.

One significant finding by the magistrate in Emanuel's case was that the council rangers had no legal authority to seize the banner that Emanuel was holding.

``This court decision is an important victory for the right to protest,'' Emanuel told Green Left. ``More important again was the victory won by a wide range of Perth activists in waging the free speech campaign [after last year's rally against fracking].''

Emanuel was referring to the repeated actions which challenged council attempts to suppress protests and won in practice the right to set up campaign stalls and to protest in Perth city. Council rangers have taken no significant action to suppress political activism in Perth since last year's free speech campaign was begun.

``This court victory will also give further confidence to Perth activists that we have the right to protest and that we should not put up with being pushed around by police and rangers if they again try to suppress our protest actions,'' Emanuel said.

* * *

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

March Against Monsanto in Perth

Over 1000 people - organisers said 1600 - marched through the streets of Perth in opposition to genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the company Monsanto (which is one of the foremost proponents of GMO technology).

The rally was one of more than 400 actions that took place in over 60 countries as part of a global day of action.

Organic farmers spoke out about how Monsanto sues farmers whose crops are polluted by neighbours' use of GM seeds.

Numerous speakers spoke out in support of Steve Marsh, an organic farmer who has taken court action against Monsanto pollution of his crops.

UPDATE: West TV on March Against Monsanto:

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Interview with Sam Wainwright

Fremantle Herald journalist Brendan Foster conducted this interview with Socialist Alliance candidate for Fremantle Sam Wainwright in preparation for the article published by the Herald on 18 May 2013 (see picture and here).

What made you want to run in the federal seat of Freo?
We're facing the real possibility that Tony Abbott will become prime minister. His agenda is clear, to take even more wealth out of the pockets of working people and give it to the the big end of town. He'd bring more cutbacks, privatisation and attacks on our rights.

So why are some people sucked in by the Libs? Labor has paved the way for Abbott by caving in to the conservatives on a whole number of issues, especially the mining tax and the gutless way both of them beat up on refugees to distract people from their real problems. You can't fight Coke with Diet Coke. You need to stand for something different. We have confront the ideas of Abbott head on if we are to defeat them.

That's what the Socialist Alliance campaign will be doing. Demonstrating to people that it's possible to create a world where we live in harmony with the planet, share the wealth and let the creative potential of humanity develop. But we have to be honest with people. We've got a long way to go and there's a very rich and ruthless elite who who don't want this. We see our campaign as a stepping stone in a movement for change.

What do you see is the biggest issue facing the port city?
Across Perth the rate of increase in vehicle journeys is growing quicker than our population. In Fremantle this is exacerbated by the growth in traffic to and from the port. There is no car or truck based solution to our congestion problems. Building new roads only stimulates more traffic making the problem even worse. The consequences of this for the environment and public health are catastrophic. Yet both the federal and state governments are still freeway addicts, with no serious vision to qualitatively increase the share of public transport and freight rail. Between them they are about to spend $1 billion on freeways associated with the Perth Gateway project around the airport. But public transport and freight rail projects struggle to get a look-in. To make things worse road freight gets a carbon tax exemption but rail does not. All this has to be turned on its head. The environment, public health and good urban planning need to come first; not endless subsidies for the vehicle and road construction industries.

The number of homeless people in Fremantle has skyrocketed of late? Do you think the current state and federal governments should be held accountable?
Across WA we're facing a housing affordability crisis. People sleeping rough on the street are only the tip of the iceberg. Many more are couch surfing from house to house or are unable to walk out of really unsatisfactory and sometimes abusive home environments. This is a direct and inevitable product of both federal and state government policy. Investment in public housing has not kept pace with demand, shrinking in real terms, and transforming it into residual welfare housing. At the same time the price of private housing has been pumped up by negative gearing and tax exemptions. We have to scrap welfare for landlords and speculators and instead significantly expand public housing and introduce rent controls, like those imposed in New York and Los Angeles.

It's no secret you think the mining boom hasn't benefited everyone? Who do you think are the big losers?
Firstly those on low fixed incomes whose cost of housing has sky rocketed while their pay and pensions barely keep pace with inflation. For them the so-called boom has brought real financial and personal stress. But we've all been losers in the sense that our society has not used this wealth to build the base for a more diversified economy, roll out renewable energy infrastructure or overcome inequality. Instead it's entrenched what's wrong with our current way of doing things.

How would you go about confiscating the billions of dollars from mining billionaires?
To start with the mining billionaires need to pay their share of tax. They only pay about 14% of their profits as tax or royalties. The Gillard government is projected to raise less from its watered down mining tax than the $700 million they'll save by pushing single parents off the pension. A more serious version of the mining tax would raise about an extra $15 billion. The fossil fuel subsidy costs us $7 billion per year. Just a 1% wealth tax on the richest 20% of Australians would raise about $40 billion. Treating capital gains like any other income would raise billions more. There's no shortage of wealth in Australia and there's no reason to cut services to balance the budget.

Ultimately we have to bring the the mining sector into public ownership. This is a democratic and environmental necessity. The profits from the fossil fuel industry have to be used to fund the transition to renewable energy, that is to fund the end of fossil fuel dependence. Clearly this is not possible while this industry is owned by multinational oil, gas and coal companies. They will seek to preserve their profits at any cost to the environment. In fact they threaten the very basis of life on earth. For our common future we have to stop them.

Does it concern you that within less than 5 months Tony Abbott could be PM?
An Abbott government would bring a new assault on workplace rights and civil liberties, further cut backs to social services and even more subsidies to big business. We have to build up the movements, energy and forces to take the fight up to Abbott right now. We need to be prepared to fight the Abbott agenda on the streets, at our workplaces and in our communities if he does take government. It's no time or place for progressive minded people to be moping about in fear and pessimism. We have to prepare the fightback now.

Given both Labor and Libs are ideologically bankrupt do you see Socialist Alliance as a real alternative party for voters?
Both Liberal and Labor are loyal servants of big business, with the Liberals playing bad cop to Labor's good cop. That's the guts of the problem in Australian politics. Socialist Alliance is only a small party of around a thousand members running in a handful of seats. What we need in this country is a serious political force that is 100% on the side of working people, the environment and our communities. Through our campaigns we want to link up with people who feel the same way to build that alternative. By supporting us people help that project.

In doing so we put on the agenda the things that no one else will say, such as the need for expanded public ownership and serious wealth redistribution. Even the Greens are frightened of raising this and have watered down their own inheritance tax policy. Our campaign seeks to be honest with people. We simply can not create a fundamentally more democratic, equitable and sustainable future without breaking the power or big business over our lives.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Film screening: Silenced Voiced - Tales of Sri Lankan Journalists in Exile: 30 May

Perth premiere screening

Silenced Voiced: Tales of Sri Lankan Journalists in Exile

6:30pm Thurs 30 May

FTI Cinema, 92 Adelaide St, Fremantle

Tickets: $17

Ph Sam 0412 751 508

Attend on FaceBook:

Friday, May 17, 2013

March Against Monsanto: Sat 25 May

There will be a March Against Monsanto in Perth (and all over the world) on Saturday 25 May 2013.

Details for the Perth march are:

2pm, Sat 25 May
Gather: WA Parliament House (Harvest Terrace, West Perth)
March to: Russell Square (for speakers and stalls, etc)

[Information below supplied by March Against Monsanto.]

The Fight For Our Food - Organised by FOOD Watch and We Say No To GMOs

Reasons why we march:

Insufficient Labelling - The current Australian GM labelling laws are woefully inadequate and take away our freedom of choice. There are many loopholes which allow GM food to be unlabelled on our shelves.
We have the right to know what we are eating.

Health Risks – There is still uncertainty regarding the safety of GM foods and consumers are cautious about eating them. The Australian regulatory framework (OGTR and FSANZ) does not do independent health testing instead they rely on the GM industry to provide information regarding the effects on health. This is a major conflict of interests.

Environmental Risks – There has been inadequate testing of the effect that GM crops can have on the other species due to crossing of genes between kingdoms. Basically, GM crops can contaminate the ecology. If that happens the product is cannot be recalled.

Farmers Misled – The benefits fail to live up to what's promised for example GM canola has been performing below average.

Coexistence Impossible – Non-GM farmers are expected to prevent GM contaminatation, otherwise they run the risk of being sued for growing a patented crop and/or breaking contractual agreements if crops are contaminatated.

Marketing – Many export and domestic markets don't want to buy GM or GM contaminatated crops. Farmers have a right and responsibility to provide non-GM crops. Furthermore, costs to supply the non-GM market are higher than GM partly due to management and testing against contaminatation.

Legislation – No adequate Federal legislation exist to address concerns presented by farmers. The GM industry dominates plans for preparedness and coexistence. This is a clear conflicts of interest.

Patents – GM crops patented by agribusiness are unique. They undermine the independence and rights of farmers leading to a dependency on a small number of agribusiness corporations. Contaminatation of non-GM crops can result in farmers being forced to pay patent royalties.

Herbicide Resistance – Many GM crops are developed to be herbicide resistant. Weeds have developed resistance to the herbicide which has lead to an increased use of herbicide that GM proponents want to solve by using more toxic herbicides. The increase use of herbicides reduce surrounding biodiversity leading to increase in use of insecticides.

Above points taken from: And summarised to fit space limitations.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

WA Sex Workers Demand Decriminalisation: Sat 18 May

"Western Australian Sex Workers and supporters demand Decriminalisation"

1pm 18 May 2013
WA Parliament House

In a protest to be held outside Parliament House, Saturday May 18th at 1pm, Western Australian sex workers and their supporters are coming together to demand full decriminalisation of their work.

"We want the same work rights and protections as everybody else" states local sex worker advocate Rebecca Davies.

Sex workers reject the 2011 Bill proposed by the Barnett government.

The licensing model proposed under the current Bill, or any variation short of full decriminalisation would:

  • Undermine sex workers health and safety
  • Exclude sex workers from labour rights/protections
  • Perpetuate stigma and increase risk for sex workers

The Barnett Government is aware that licensing is a high cost failure everywhere it has been implemented in Australia.

The Barnett Government needs to finally listen to the voices of sex workers and sex worker organisations, who are the key stakeholders in this discussion.

Speakers at this event include:

[Information provided by Scarlet Alliance.]

Read the article by Rebecca Davies in the current Green Left Weekly.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Biggest WA student protest in years

In what was the biggest student demonstration in many years in WA, 5-600 students marched through Curtin University to protest the $2.8 billion cuts by the federal Labor government to higher education. The protest also took up the cuts already being implemented by the Curtin administration.

Left activists hold significant positions in the Guild and it is a result of a solid organising effort led by these activists that the Curtin demonstration was so much larger than previous student protests and the protests held at other WA universities on the same day.

Perth rallies for equal marriage rights

Hundreds of people marched through the streets of Perth calling for equal marriage rights on May 11, 2013.

The rally began with Notre Dame students Chris Jenkins and Alex Kemp explaining that the university administration had been trying to frustrate student right to organise. Especially the administration was opposed to students promoting the equal marriage rally which they claimed was against "Catholic social teaching" despite a majority of Catholics supporting equal marriage rights.

Other speakers included Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren, Labor senator Louise Pratt, and MUA member 'Jammo' Jamieson.

The rally proceeded on a march through the city which involved a "sit down for marriage equality" and a number of people took the opportunity to put up stickers for equal marriage rights and to advertise the next rally on September 7.

Police had a non-existent presence throughout the action but showed up at the end to hassle people they accused of putting up stickers. Nobody was charged.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Friends of Palestine to commemoration Al Nakba - Fri 17 May

May 15 marks the Palestinian Nakba (Catastrophe) day. In 1948, more the 780,000 Palestinians were ethnically cleansed from their homeland and more than 500 Palestinian villages depopulated and destroyed by Zionist terrorist death squads that were set up in Palestine under the protection of the British mandate. Today more than 7 million Palestinian refugees, the largest refugee community in the world, are living in exile, while 5 million Palestinians are living in the world’s largest open air prison in Gaza.

On the 65th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba join the ongoing campaign for justice for Palestine and say no to Israeli apartheid, colonialism and occupation.

Palestine solidarity groups across Australia are organising rallies to commemorate this anniversary on Friday 17th May. We will be meeting at 5.30 pm in the Murray Street Mall (next to Forrest Place, under the overpass). Please help spread the word...

Attend on Facebook:

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

8000 signatures back Hands Off Point Peron campaign

Sixty to Seventy people campaigning to Save Point Peron from becoming another unwanted canal project have braved heavy storms in an action on May 8. They marched from the property of the developer, Cedar Woods, to the State Parliament to present a petition of over 8000 original signatures.

Greens MP Lynn MacLaren accepted the signatures and addressed the rally with several ALP politicians looking on.

The vocal crowd chanted and listened to speakers Dawn Jecks and Greg Gooroo - the outspoken town planner - along with others at an “Open Mic”.

The extent of the proposed development at Point Peron is not widely known. The plans on the board are for 77 hectares (190 acres) of land to be used to make an inland private canal/marina precinct. This will consist of private residential houses and a marina with a capacity of up to 500 vessels. Unless you have a spare million to purchase something like this, it probably won't benefit you.

The developer has plans to cut deep canals in the proposed area. Opponents to the development fear this will effect the hydrology of a large area including endangering the Thrombolites living in Lake Richmond. The Thrombolites are an ancient life form that was once widespread and now only exists in a few tiny pockets throughout the world. They must be saved.

The Hands Off Point Peron group are calling for assistance from the community to assist the campaign. Socialist Alliance supports this campaign.

[Photo bottom right and article by Seamus Doherty. Top photo by Leisha Jack.]


Marina plan will mangle Point Peron and dig a financial black hole

Dawn Jecks – Wednesday May 8th 2013.

The Mangles Bay Marina will be both an environmental and financial disaster for Point Peron, Hands Off Point Person spokesperson Dawn Jecks warned today.

"Point Person is being sacrificed for an extremely risky venture that will be a drain on taxpayers," Ms Jecks said.

"In addition to the huge environmental damage it will cause, the Mangles Bay Marina proposal has no financial credibility and could only proceed with enormous public subsidies during both the long construction and endless maintenance phases.

"The promotion of the proposal by LandCorp and its approval by the EPA raise big questions about the credibility of these State agencies.  The Environmental Protection Authority needs to consider a name change.

"The proposal is still subject to a State/Commonwealth agreement which makes clear the land's use is restricted to public recreation and parklands.  Privatisation of this public land would be a breach of trust and a betrayal of the public. HOPP supports construction of the Port Rockingham Marina, and recommend that the energies of the Mangles Bay proponents be re-directed to this stalled project - which does not involved wrecking a pristine natural area.

"HOPP is not a negative or NIMBY group - We have an alternative to the marina in the form of a Coastal Environment Park which would be for all people to enjoy, not just a wealthy minority. And, our alternative would not break the State/Commonwealth agreement.

"HOPP will not give up - we step up the campaign to defend Point Person from this outrageous land grab. We will not let greedy developers and complicit politicians deprive current and future generations of West Australians of this wonderful natural treasure."

For more information contact Dawn Jecks 0424 598 656 or email

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sam Wainwright on West TV's Shadow Boxing

Fremantle Councillor and Socialist Alliance candidate for Fremantle on West TV's "One-on-one Shadow Boxing" program.

This was first aired on TV on 26 April 2013.

Part one of the show is above and part two is below.

Part 2

Friday, May 3, 2013

Steps towards unity on the socialist left

A joint Socialist Alliance/Socialist Alternative public forum

Can the left unite? If so, on what basis? Socialist Alternative and Socialist Alliance are currently involved in discussions of these questions to explore the possibility of greater unity.

In this public forum, representatives from the two groups will outline their approach to the question of left unity, followed by discussion.

6:30pm Wed 5 June

CitiPlace Community Centre, (above Perth train station)

For details: Sam 0412 751 508 or Lian 0402 305 521

Attend on FaceBook:

Gaye Page-Burt on Fremantle Road to Rail campaign

Presentation by Gaye Page-Burt to the January 31 Sustainable Transport Forum in the Fremantle Town Hall.

Page-Burt was representing the Fremantle Road To Rail Campaign.

Green Left TV:

Release Ranjini vigil - 10 May 2013

Free Ranjini - Free the refugees

More than 50 people - like Ranjini and her children - have been found to be “genuine” refugees yet face a lifetime in prison not because of anything they've done, but because ASIO considers them guilty of thought crimes. Typically this involves having sympathies with the Tamil Tigers or other sections of the Tamil liberation movement which is not that dissimilar to people in an earlier period having sympathies with the ANC in South Africa or the liberation movement in East Timor.

It should be noted that ASIO does not have to reveal their reasons for their assessment and the refugees in question have no right of appeal against this decision.

Ranjini has recently given birth to a new baby - who faces an entire lifetime behind bars unless the government can be pressured to release these refugees.

Join this vigil on the anniversary of Ranjini's incarceration to ensure refugees like Ranjini can be freed!

5pm, Fri 10 May

Gather: Wesley Church corner (i.e. corner of William & Hay Sts). Then proceed to Cultural Centre.

Ph 0417 904 329 for more info.

DOWNLOAD: 4 x A6 flyers

[Organised by Refugee Rights Action Network]

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Friends of Palestine presents Dr El Farra from Gaza

Israel's Operation Cast Lead was described by a UN fact finding mission as “a deliberately disproportionate attack designed to punish, humiliate and terrorise a civilian population.” The 2008–09 assault claimed the lives of 1400 Palestinians and thrust the crisis in Gaza into the centre of the debate about the Israel/Palestine conflict.

The crippling siege continues to block access to much needed construction materials and denies people access
to vital healthcare. Life for the people of Gaza is punctuated by regular military incursions. Gaza has
come to be known as the world’s largest open-air prison.

Come and hear Dr Mona El Farra, a physician by training who has dedicated herself to developing community based programs that aim to improve health quality and link health services with cultural and recreation services across Gaza. Dr El Farra is Vice President and Health Chair of the Red Crescent Society for Gaza and Gaza Director of the Middle East Children's Alliance.

Tuesday 4 June 6.30pm

Alexander Library Theatre
Cultural Centre Northbridge

Entry by donation: $10 / $5 conc.

Organised by Friends of Palestine WA and supported by Students for Palestine (UWA) and the Palestinian Community of Western Australia.

For more info, phone 0409 762 081, email or visit

Attend on Facebook:


DOWNLOAD: 3 x DL flyers

United socialist contingent for May Day

May Day 2013 - Join the Fight Back contingent

The international capitalist economic crisis has seen a wave of cut-backs across Europe and the US that is driving millions into shocking poverty. The cuts to welfare, public, health and education; as well as the attacks on jobs and wages; are tearing communities apart, disproportionately hurting women and the already disadvantaged. Millions of young people see no future.

At the same time capitalism, through its inability to even slow the rate of increase in carbon emissions, let alone reduce them; threatens the very basis for the existence of life on earth.

While Western Australia has been relatively immune from the severity of the economic crisis – in part because of the major mining projects – many households are now more deeply in debt than before. For people on low fixed incomes the so-called mining boom has been a disaster, worsening the housing affordability crisis.

The insecurity and fear that’s generated from increased casualisation, job insecurity and the extraordinarily high cost of housing is being cynically manipulated by governments to persuade working people that they have something to fear from asylum seekers and minorities. Racism is being used to divide the working class.

While we’ve seen some inspiring radical responses emerge across Europe, we’ve also seen a rise in the far right. This danger also exists in Australia. This has opened up a much needed discussion of anti-capitalist alternatives, and it has also sharpened the need for unity of the left against the racist anti-migrant policies of both mainstream politics and the far-right.

The complete capitulation of the federal ALP government to big business has strengthened the hand of the conservatives. An Abbott-led government will bring an even more vicious assault on workers' rights, public health, education, welfare, refugees, Indigenous communities and migrant workers.

It requires a strong union response and a more united left. We desperately need this to build up strength for a fight back and to win more of the working class and other oppressed sectors to the struggle to end the dictatorship of big business.

Only a radical redistribution of wealth which puts strategic sectors of the economy under the democratic control of working people and our communities, a socialist society, will be able to put an end once and for all to the social inequality and environmental degradation which are an inevitable product of capitalism.

May Day is a traditional working class holiday created to commemorate and celebrate the eight hour day movement. It has long been a day of celebration and protest for workers and socialists around the world.

This year, as a result of the unity discussions between Socialist Alternative and the Socialist Alliance, we are organising a combined contingent in the May Day Parade in Fremantle on Sunday 5th May.

Join our united Fight Back Contingent at May Day. Support these demands:

  • Make refugees welcome, racism won't create jobs
  • Support the right to strike, abolish all anti-union laws
  • Stop and reverse privatisation, stop Barnett's cuts to our services
  • Restore the single parents pension, a living wage for all
  • Full citizenship & industrial rights for migrant workers
  • Renewables not gas, stop handouts to the fossil fuel industry
  • No uranium mining, not in WA - not anywhere
  • Money for health and education, not racism and war

For more information Sam 0412 751 508 or Lian 0402 305 521

Attend Fightback Contingent on Facebook:

Attend photo-shoot on Facebook:

*   *   *   *   *
Long live May Day! Workers of the world unite!

May Day message from the Socialist Alliance

As workers around the world take to the streets to celebrate May Day, we are sharply aware that the capitalist system has reached a point of development where it threatens the habitability of the planet on which we all live.

Last month, for the first time in three million years, the carbon concentrations in the Earth's atmosphere reached 399.7 parts per million (ppm) at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii. In several other parts of the world that day, the reading exceeded 400 ppm.

When CO2 concentrations were last above 400 ppm it was the Pliocene era, when temperatures were 3-4 degrees and sea levels were 5-40 metres higher than they are today. Capitalism is throwing our planet into dangerous climate change.

Sadly this is no surprise. Capitalism has already devastated the lives of billions of people through exploitation, war and poverty.

All for what? So that 1,426 billionaires in the world can amass a combined fortune of US$5.4 trillion, and use this to enslave the majority of the world's people.

But by so enslaving that majority, the super-rich elite have created a majority class that has a deepening interest in ending that very system of enslavement, capitalism, and building a new system based on shared wealth, cooperation, justice and ecological sustainability. These billions who now have nothing but their labour to sell under capitalism will be the fighters, builders and architects of socialism in the 21st century.

On this May Day, we in the Socialist Alliance declare our full solidarity with the oppressed and exploited all around the world. We reject the stepped up attempts of our local ruling class (and all other imperialist elites) to use divide and rule through racism, xenophobia, sexism, homophobia and religious sectarianism.

Australia will be going to a federal election later this year and the Socialist Alliance is taking this message to the Australian working class and all other oppressed people: In the name of justice, and for our common future, we need to take the resources and wealth out of the hands of the billionaires, beginning with the nationalisation of the mining, banking and energy sector.

We know that many Australian workers have yet to reject a future held hostage to the corporate rich. Conservative Labor and Liberal governments alike have sought to persuade them that there is no alternative to letting the capitalists run society. But we are finding that our bold call for the nationalisation of the mining, banking and energy sectors and placing these sectors into the ownership and control of the people, is striking a powerful chord.

Here in Australia, the left is emboldened by a new hope for the greater unity of the socialist organisations, in particular between the two largest left groups: the Socialist Alliance and Socialist Alternative. We urge other groups to join in the new unity process that has begun.

In the spirit of unity, the Socialist Alliance initiated united Fightback Contingents in the May Day marches in several cities around Australia this year. We express our deepest appreciation to all the groups that have joined these contingents.

Finally, we want to send our heartfelt message of solidarity and sympathy to the families and communities of the hundreds of garment workers in Bangladesh who were recently killed in the collapse of their factory. We hold the big branded capitalists who benefited from the blood, sweat and tears of workers like these in the poorest countries responsible for their deaths.

Long live May Day! Workers of the world unite!

Susan Price & Peter Boyle
National Co-convenors
Socialist Alliance(Australia)