Monday, August 1, 2011

Video and photos from Tony Blair protest

War criminal Tony Blair was met with a spirited protest of forty people on July 29 when he came to speak at Perth at the Convention Centre.

The protest began in driving rain outside the Esplanade train station handing leaflets about the crimes of Tony Blair to commuters. Then protesters moved to the nearby Convention Centre.

Police quickly moved into position and most doorways were locked. Even participants who had paid the exorbitant fees to attend were made to pass through security checks.

Chants on the night included: "Tony Blair, you can't hide, you're supporting genocide"; "Occupation is a crime, from Iraq to Palestine"; and "Tony Blair, you don't care, you're not welcome anywhere".

After the public meeting had begun and the protest was winding up, it was pointed out that a progressive website in Britain was offering substantial cash payments for attempts to make a citizen's arrest of Tony Blair for war crimes.

Activists then decided to inquire about the price of admission to the event in order to make a citizen's arrest. Venue staff opened the door when activists knocked (check the video below) allowing activists to make their inquiries and then chant loudly through the open door when they were refused admission.

After being pushed back by police, the doors opened on two additional occasions allowing the chanting to repeatedly be heard by the audience inside Blair's meeting.

The protest was organised by the Chogm Action Network and the Friends of Palestine WA.

The convention centre will be the location of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) which will be held in October. The main CHOGM protest will be held on Friday 28 October at 10am and Forrest Place and will march to the summit.

Video and photos below