Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Protest against mandatory detention and the Malaysian Solution

Two actions for refugee rights this week

1 Speakout for refugee rights - Fri 26 Aug
5pm Murray Street Mall

2 Tampa Day rally - Sat 27 August
2pm, Perth Immigration Detention Centre
Baker Rd, Perth Domestic Airport

Over several days in August of 2001 the Tampa incident marked a turning point in how Australia engaged with the refugee issue. John Howard used the SAS to prevent the freighter Tampa from landing asylum seekers on Christmas Island that it had rescued at sea, rescued at Australia's request no less.

Ten years later Australia continues to be the only country practicing mandatory detention of asylum seekers, and continues to violate the Refugee Convention by refusing the right to seek asylum. The Malaysian Solution is that latest disgraceful chapter in a long series of violations of the Refugee Convention, breaches of international law and even Australian domestic law.

Join us to voice our opposition to these policies. Let the refugees in Perth detention centre know that we know what is being done to them is wrong.

  • Stop Trading in Vulnerable Lives
  • No Malaysian Solution
  • End mandatory detention
  • Free the refugees

Transport available from East Perth Transport Centre, departing 1.30 PM near the footbridge.