Friday, June 22, 2012

Green Left TV - a new weapon for social change

Have you heard about Green Left TV, a new online video resource to complement Green Left Weekly's newspaper and website?

Instead of the mainstream TV diet of (un)reality crap, refugee and welfare-bashing “current affairs”, and “info-mercials” for news, Green Left TV is about providing desperately needed pro-people, pro-planet, inspiring, informative and even entertaining viewing!

Check out the first episode of the Green Left Report above.

Green Left TV is in its early days, but you can already view highlights such as:

Green Left TV includes a range of coverage from WA including:

International coverage includes:

Green Left TV also includes satire and humour like:

Check over the expanding range of Green Left TV videos and subscribe to the GreenLeftTV YouTube channel.

This is just the beginning for Green Left TV. But we need your help!

We don't have money nor positions of power - but working together we can change the media, and help change the world.

5 ways you can help Green Left TV:

1. Watch it! Subscribe now to GreenLeftTV's YouTube channel. It's free, only takes a moment, and you'll receive notice of new content. Content will also feature at the GLW website.

2. Share it! Green Left TV content is simple to share via Facebook, email, Twitter or simply to tell people about. Of course we don't have million dollar advertising budgets, so this grassroots promotion is really essential (there is no point making the videos unless they are seen!). It would also be great if you can "like" and "share" Green Left TV content on Facebook and YouTube, which increase its ranking and thus the likelihood it will be seen by others.

3. Brainstorm it! We need ideas for content, for production, for corporate ads that need to be 'busted' and much more. Send your ideas to: paulb [at]

4. Make it! Green Left TV supporters around the country will be our eyes and ears (read camera people and editors!). You don't need experience - we can help with 'activist film skills', with the backing of Art Resistance, which is experienced in making quality videos. And you don't need fancy equipment - a basic camcorder or even video from a phone or digital camera, following some basic guidelines, is enough to get started.

5. Donate to it! Green Left TV, along with Green Left Weekly newspaper and website, need all the support we can get. Please consider donating here.