Thursday, June 7, 2012

Defend Free Speech speakout: Sat 9 June

The next speak-out for free speech will be on this Saturday:

1pm, Murray St Mall, Sat 9 June.

If you're concerned about defending free speech and defending the right to protest, get down to the Free Speech Speak-Out on Saturday 9th June.

When the rich and powerful want to get their message across, they buy a billboard, or a TV station, or a politician. For the rest of us, we cannot even hold a placard without facing fines. City of Perth by-laws prohibit the "display [of] a hand held sign on ... a public place [without approval]".

Bring your stalls, leaflets, posters and your voice! This is an event for those who think free speech should be free and who want to assert the power of society over the power of money.

This is an event in solidarity with every progressive group seeking to make their voices heard. This is an anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic event.

In particular, we will be promoting the major Festival of Free Speech on July 7 in Forrest Place.

Organised by Defend Free Speech Perth