Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Video from latest boycott Apartheid Israel, Boycot Seacret action

More than 40 people joined a BDS campaign action at the Seacret stall in the Carousel shopping centre in Perth, WA.

Seacret is an Israeli cosmetics company that illegally sources its product from the Dead Sea in Occupied Palestine.

Borrowing a song from a successful Brisbane BDS action, the Friends of Palestine activists created a musical message against Israeli Apartheid in the shopping centre's food court. When Centre security tried to move them on, they proceeded to the Seacret stall chanting "Free, free Palestine, Occupation is a crime" where the protest continued for some time.

The actions by the shopping centre security force - colluding with police to try to close down a democratic protest for human rights - were largely ineffective. The protest achieved exactly what was set out to be achieved: to raise the issue of Israeli Apartheid and the illegal actions of the Seacret company.

Friends of Palestine is encourages people to write to Carousel Shopping Centre to protest about the ongoing lease to Seacret. Click here for contact details.

The next Seacret action organised by Friends of Palestine - don't buy Israeli Apartheid for Christmas - will be on Thursday 8 December 2011. Contact Friends of Palestine WA for more information.