Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fighting for women's liberation today

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology there were 19,781 recorded sexual assaults in 2007. Although it is estimated that only 15% of victims report their assaults to police. Most rape's are experienced by females aged 15-19 and are perpetrated by people well known to the victim.

Women are raped because of the actions of the rapist NOT because they wear revealing clothes, NOT because they get too drunk and NOT because they “ask for it”.

Women in Australia are not safe from rape but they should be.

This Socialist Alliance and Resistance meeting will discuss: the nature of women's oppression today; the fight against sexual violence; and strategies for women's liberation.

For more information call 9218 9608 or 0468 375 321.

6:30pm Wed 7 December
Perth Activist Centre, 15/5 Aberdeen Street,
(next to McIver train station) Ph 9218 9608