Thursday, November 17, 2011

Occupy Perth plans this week

This week @ Occupy Perth...

Thursday 17th November 6.30pm - General Assembly @ Forrest Place

The GA on 5/11/11 decided to have weekly GA's on Thursday evenings 6.30pm at Forrest Place for the foreseeable future.  Agenda for this GA to be determined on the evening.  Forward your suggestions to  For minutes of 10/11/11 GA clickhere.

Friday 18-20th November OCCUPY PERTH!!

Full programme of events for this weekend, come down and get involved!!  See facebook link and/or flyer following for details. (to RSVP also)

#occupyperth, a non-violent uprising against corporate control of government and the extent to which the wealthiest 1% own your life.

Friday 5.30pm - Gather
Friday 7.30pm - Q&A Style Public Forum - hosted by Tony Serve
Saturday 1pm - Flash Mob Action - Protest Brookfield Property Group
Saturday 7pm - Viewing of Doco ‘The Corporation’
Sunday 3pm - Speakers Corner
Sunday 6pm - Bands

Occupy Perth is planning to stage an Occupation of the Perth Cultural Centre this weekend, in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, which was evicted by police on Tuesday.

“We condemn the brutal eviction of Occupy camps in Portland, Oakland, Philidelphia, Denver and of course, Wall Street,” said Colleen Bolger, one of the spokespeople for Occupy Perth. “It is important that when the Occupy movement is under attack, we show we will not be intimidated by the use of force against peaceful protest,” she continued.

Tonight’s General Assembly will consider a proposal to stage an action against Brookfield, the company that owns Zucotti Park and issued the eviction order on spurious sanitation grounds.

Organisers of Occupy Perth also want to highlight issues relevant to Australians.
As one Occupy organiser, Karun Cowper explained, “While Australians are not facing the same rate of housing evictions and unemployment as those occupying in the United States, issues such as inequality and corporate greed are pertinent here also. For example, CEOs earn almost one hundred times the average wage. Furthermore, while mining companies steal and exploit Indigenous land and make super profits, the life expectancy of Indigenous people remains 17 years less than non-Indigenous.’

Occupy Perth calls on people to gather outside the State Library at 5.30pm on Friday to begin claiming the space for the occupation. Throughout the weekend, the group is planning to host workshops, show documentaries and stage a Q & A style Public Forum.

Supporters are encouraged to bring sleeping bags, or if not camping to come down and participate anytime on Saturday and Sunday.