Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Join health workers calling for children out of detention

Join the wave of demonstrations by senior doctors across Australia...

ALL WA HEALTH WORKERS WELCOME! (share the invitation)

In the words of Professor Karen Zwi from Sydney Children’s Hospital: “Already traumatised and fleeing persecution, we compound that by putting them in indefinite detention. Anxiety, bed-wetting, nightmares and poor sleep are common among the more than 200 children still in immigration detention.In the extreme cases, children are self harming and attempting suicide”

“We want to increase the pressure.We will make noise until the detention of children ends” – Professor David Issacs, Westmead Children’s Hospital

12:30pm Fri 13 November

Meet at the Thomas Street entrance, above the underpass stairs, outside the PMH daycare carpark for photos at 12:30pm.

#KidsOut #DetentionHarmsChildren

Download the PLACARDS used in other Australian demonstrations to bring along:

Download the event POSTER here:

[For the information of health workers and others who wish to support their endeavours. Information from the Facebook Event.]