Wednesday, November 25, 2015

All out for the People's Climate Mobilisation on Sunday

As world leaders meet in Paris to discuss how not to save the world, people around the planet will be marching to demand action for a safe climate future.

In Perth, the People's Climate March will be gathering:

1pm Sunday 29 November

Wellington Square, East Perth

Naomi Klein has convincingly argued that we need an alternative to capitalism if we are to avoid a
climate catastrophe.

Ecosocialism is the practical alternative we need so Socialist Alliance is supporting an ecosocialist contingent at the march.

We'd encourage you to march with ecosocialists for a genuine alternative to the
status quo. This contingent has been initiated by Socialist Alliance and Green Left Weekly and all
who support “system change not climate change” are welcome to take part.

Attend on Facebook:

We'd also encourage your help to distribute Green Left Weekly on the day and holding signs that point towards an ecosocialist future.