Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rocking the Foundations: 15 November 2013

Friday Film Fanatics - Rocking the Foundations

An outstanding historical account of the Green Bans first introduced by the New South Wales Builders Labourers Federation in the 1970s in response to community demand to preserve inner- city parkland and historic buildings. One of the first women to be accepted as a builders labourer, filmmaker Pat Fiske traces the development of a quite singular union whose social and political activities challenged the notion of what a union should be.

The BLF imposed a series of work bans, the green bans, on developers who wanted to demolish heritage buildings and sites of environmental significance in NSW. The workers saved trees and buildings which, to this day, remain a powerful symbol of how successful environmental campaigns can be run. Crucial to the green bans' success was active support from community activists and social movements. Together they formed an unbeatable partnership.

6:30pm Fri 15 Nov

Perth Activist Centre
15/5 Aberdeen St, (next to McIver Station)

Entry by donation. Ph 9218 9608, 0413 976 638