Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How to vote Socialist Alliance in Fremantle

To make any difference to us, you need to give your number 1 vote to Socialist Alliance.

We recommend giving a number 2 preference to the Greens and then Labor before Liberal. This will help elect a Green candidate if that is possible and will help elect an ALP candidate if not. All of the far right and populist parties running in Fremantle (which in every case we judge to be worse than the Liberals) have been preferenced on our ticket in ballot-paper order. In effect this is giving all the far-right parties equal last since they come after Greens, Labor and Liberal - they won't be counted.

In seats where we are not running and the senate, we recommend a vote for the Greens with preferences to Labor before Liberal.

In the lower house, you have to number every square for your vote to be valid.

In the senate, you may either place a "1" in the Greens "above the line" box (group S) or you may vote "below the line" for candidates in your own order of preference, being sure to number every square.

* * *

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