Thursday, September 5, 2013

Help needed: not too late to volunteer to help Socialist Alliance on Saturday

It will make a difference how many people will vote for the only consistently anti-corporate candidate running in WA. You can help on polling day by helping to hand out how-to-vote info for the Socialist Alliance in Fremantle.

This video clip shows Sam Wainwright explaining the importance of a number 1 vote for the Socialist Alliance.

The greater the left vote, the maximum pressure there'll be on Labor to take a stand on the side of working people, students and all those left behind by the mining boom - and the greater boost it will be for the campaigns of resistance that will need to continue whether ALP or the coalition win.

If you're in a position to help the Socialist Alliance election campaign in Fremantle by handing out how-to-vote cards to people on polling day, please get in touch now: 0413 976 638.

P.S. Everybody is welcome to come along to the Socialist Alliance Election Night party on Saturday night at the Fremantle Workers' Club.