Monday, August 20, 2012

Human Rights under attack in Sri Lanka - a new network in WA

* Genocide against Tamils
* Australia sending refugees back to torture
* Activists "disappeared" in Colombo

Special presentation:
Brian Senewiratne
The human rights crisis in Sri Lanka - the reality in the North and the East - which way forward?

Plus contributions from:
Dr T Rajeswaran
Experience of the Tamil Diaspora

Phil Chilton
Tamil refugees: Australia’s political prisoners

PA Subramaniam
Discrimination and violence against Tamils

Sam Wainwright
Establishing a WA campaign network

2pm, Sat 1 September

Reception Room (Administration Building), Fremantle Town Hall
(enter via stairs and patio near playground)

WA Network for Human Rights in Tamil Eelam and Sri Lanka
Contact: Sam Wainwright 0412 751 508 or PA Subramaniam 6364 3670

Charter for Human Rights in Sri Lanka and Tamil Eelam
We are working for:

• an immediate halt to extra-judicial killings by all forces, including the Government of Sri Lanka.

• the recognition and respect for the human rights of all citizens of the island of Sri Lanka; including the right to free speech, freedom of assembly, workers’ organisation and freedom from arrest and imprisonment without trial.

• the immediate release of all political prisoners.

• an immediate end to the internment and ethnic cleansing of Tamils from their traditional homeland, and the deliberate resettlement of people from elsewhere on the island into these areas for the purpose of breaking up the Ilankai Tamil nation.

• the right of all citizens displaced by war, internment and ethnic cleansing to return to their homes.

• the prosecution of all those who have committed war crimes.

• demilitarisation of the traditional Ilankai Tamil regions by the GOSL.

• the right of the Ilankai Tamil nation to self-determination.

• Australia should do all it can to assist the safe passage of and give shelter to all those fleeing violence and persecution on the island of Sri Lanka.

Endorsed by: Refugee Rights Action Network, Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam, Australian Tamil Congress WA, Ilankai Tamil Sangham, Socialist Alliance