Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Say "No" to undemocratic "anti-association" law

[This statement was issued by Socialist Alliance after our participation in a 30 April 2012 meeting organised by the United Motorcycle Council of WA in opposition to the government's proposed 'anti-association' laws.]

Tuesday 1 May 2012. For immediate release.

"There is no way to improve the anti-association laws currently before parliament, they must be rejected outright," said Socialist Alliance WA co-convenor, Alex Bainbridge today.

"Guilt by association has no place in a modern legal system but is exactly what the Barnett government is planning to bring in," he said.

"Most shameful of all, the ALP opposition is planning to support this legislation, even if they move a few amendments first. Labor should make a stand for democratic rights and reject this legislation outright," said Bainbridge.

"The fundamental problem with this legislation is that in punishes people who have committed no crime. That would be an injustice, no matter which sector of society were affected," he said.

"The government may be talking a lot about bikies now when they're trying to get this legislation passed - which itself is an unfair slight against motorcycle clubs - however, this legislation could be used against many other community groups including trade unions, social and environmental activists and others."

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