Thursday, May 17, 2012

Resistance Conference 2012

Featuring guest speakers from Australia and around the world – from the UK, Middle East, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific Region.  Keep an eye on the website and facebook for speaker and program updates.

With the Arab Spring in the Middle East, anti-austerity protests across Europe and the Occupy movement in the US and beyond, 2011 was a year where the people of the world dramatically stood up to take centre stage in world politics. 

2012 is a year where these processes are still in motion. Globally the richest 1% continue to build their wealth - while poverty goes unchallenged. If this makes you angry, come along to the Resistance Conference and help make 2012 a time of revolution!

Arrange your travel and time off work early so you don't miss it!

The conference agenda will include panel presentations and workshops on a wide range of the urgent issues confronting humanity today, including:

·  Ecosocialism and the Climate Emergency
·  Justice for Indigenous people
·  People Power Movements around the world
·  Refugees and Racism
·  Socialism of the 21st century and the revolutions in Latin America
·  Anti-war, Anti-imperialism and Democratic Rights
·  Campaigning for Women’s and Queer Rights
·  Young Workers and the Labour Movement

Alongside the three days’ discussion of ideas to change the world, the conference delegates will vote on plans for Resistance’s practical campaigning in 2012 – Join Resistance to get involved!  


Register to attend on the website now:
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