Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Defend WikiLeaks: Forum Wednesday; Emergency action if Assange is extradited

1. Stop the War on WikiLeaks
Socialist Alliance and Resistance meeting

Kate Massam
Chris Bonds

6:30pm, Wed 28 March 2012
Perth Activist Centre, 15 / 5 Aberdeen St, Perth (next to McIver station)

2. Stand by alert action for Julian Assange

A decision on Julian Assange's extradition case is possible any time.

Snap actions are being planned across Australia, demanding the Australian government use its power to prevent any effort by the United States government to have Assange sent to the US from Sweden.

Recent exposures by whistleblower website Wikileaks reveal the year long existence of a US sealed indictment order against Assange for his role in publishing diplomatic cables that implicate the US, Australian and other Western governments in war crimes and human rights abuses.

Leading US politicians have called for Assange's assasination and imprisonment.

PROTEST: 5:30pm on THAT DAY if Julian Assange is extradited
Murray Street Mall, Perth City (near Perth Underground Station)

Stand up for Julian Assange and Wikileaks! Defend Bradley Manning! Defend Freedom and Speech!

Please support and spread widely.

For more details contact Chris 0415 922 740