Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Harmony Day 2012

[Information below from Ilankai Tamil Sangam.]

Ilankai Tamil Sangam is organising Harmony Day Celebrations on 18th March 2012 as its contribution to Celebrate the Harmony Week ending on 21st March 2012. The Flyer for the Event is attached. Please circulate this to all those who are likely to be interested.

We are also inviting as many communities as possible to participate as well as to contribute to the success of the event which is intended for all of us to Enjoy Multiculturalism and to Develop Hamony. In order to explain to those who may not be familiar, a short Note on Harmony Day is given below:

The Harmony day (21st of March) was declared by the United Nations general assembly to commemorate the tragedy of police killing of 69 people who were taking part in a peaceful protest against the apartheid “pass laws” in the township of Sharpeville in South Africa on 21st March 1960. The day had been dedicated as the International Day for elimination of Racial Discrimination. Western Australia has embraced Harmony Week, a week leading up to 21 March as a time to embrace our diversity and value the benefits it brings. As well as promoting positive community relations, Harmony Week is about saying “no” to racism and discrimination. No doubt that the Harmony Week has very great relevance to the Members of all the Stateless Nations and we need to harmonise with the peoples all over the World who are fighting for Harmony in its broadest sense.

More information is available in the website of the Office of Multicultural Interests, Department of Local Government, WA (omi.wa.gov.au).