Thursday, June 3, 2010

Julie Gray for the Senate

Julie Gray is a Red Cross lab technician and a union delegate at her workplace. She was a Socialist Alliance candidate in the WA state election in 2008.

"We've got a two-tier boom happening in WA, with big corporations, especially mining companies, making huge profits out of destroying the Earth while the residents of these mining regions, and in Perth, are paying more for rent, food and transport.

“Now these same mining companies spending millions of dollars on a propaganda campaign against  being made to pay more tax on the super profits they are making. Their greed knows no bounds.

"Meanwhile here is a huge rise in the number of West Australians living below the poverty line, and homelessness is growing.

"I know the day-to-day problems working people face, especially the way rising prices are eating away at our wages. Teachers, nurses and public servants have had to really battle to get pay rises  that just keep up with rising costs.

"At election times, both Labor and Liberal make lovely promises to repair all the damage their policies have caused in the hospitals and the schools. But it doesn't matter which party gets in, all we get is more economic rationalism."