Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Complete agenda for socialist conference now available

People-power in the 21st century: Towards sustainability & socialism

Current agenda information:

9:30am - Conference open - Kamala Emanuel

10:00am - The Struggle for Aboriginal Rights Today
* Richard Downs (Alyawarr spokesperson for Intervention Walkoff, NT)
* Marianne MacKay (Aboriginal activist, ESJAP member)
* Sanna Andrew (Aboriginal Rights Coalition member)

12:30pm - workshops
a) Radicalism in WA (by Charlie Fox, UWA historian)
b) Socialism and human nature (By Sophie Greenwood & Alex Bainbridge)
c) Why socialists support Cuba (by Annolies Truman, Socialist Alliance)

2:15pm - workshops
a) Whose healthcare system is it anyway? (by Gavin Mooney, professor of health economics, Social Justice Network)
b) Feminism today (by Sanna Andrew on Equal Pay, Kamala Emanuel on Abortion rights and Vicki Thomas on the campaign for homebirth rights)
c) Global Financial Crisis: Everything old is new again (by Barry Healy, Socialist Alliance)

4:15pm - Australian politics in Rudd's Australia
* Alison Xamon (Greens parliamentarian)
* Alex Bainbridge (Socialist Alliance candidate for Perth)
* Phil Chilton (Refugee Rights Action Network member)
* John O'Donnell (Communication Workers Union organiser)

6:00pm Evening feature: The role of socialists in Parliament
Jeyakumar Devaraj - Malaysian federal parliamentarian, Malaysian Socialist Party

10:00am - Socialist Alliance state conference (decision making session for Socialist Alliance members)

12:00noon - The Struggle for Socialism in the 21st Century
* Kiraz Janicke (Green Left Weekly Caracas bureau)
* Jeyakumar Devaraj (Fighting for socialism in Malaysia)
* Ben Peterson (Revolutionary struggle in Nepal)
* Sam Wainwright (Fremantle Councillor, Socialist Alliance WA co-convenor)

2:15pm - workshops
a) Revolutionary struggles in Latin America (by Fred Fuentes & Kiraz Janicke, GLW Caracas bureau)
b) Socialism and the liberation of Palestine (by Alex Whisson, Palestine solidarity activist)
c) Defending Civil liberties (by Alex Cassie (tbc)- Search for Your Rights & Elliot Herrington, Perth Resistance)

4:00pm - Capitalism versus 'Mother Earth'
* Gemma Weedall (Cochabamba climate conference participant)
* Jess Moore (Resistance National Coordinator)
* Del Weston (Political economy researcher and activist)

[NB: Organisations listed for identification purposes only.]

Sat 26 - Sun 27 June 2010
VENUE: State School Teachers Union Function Room
150-152 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth 
(enter from carpark off Bennett Street)

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