Sunday, July 3, 2016

Thanks for your support

A big thanks to all of our members and supporters that have helped out so much during this election campaign, what a champion effort!

With postal votes still to be counted, Socialist Alliance in Fremantle has almost doubled our first preference vote, garnering 1.6%. A big shout out to everyone that took the brave step to support the little party with big ideas.

We've injected issues and solutions into the public arena that no other party will touch; an economy largely in private hands and run for profit cannot and will not meet the needs of the community and planet. The only solution is to radically democratise our society, bringing the big sectors like the banks and mines into public hands to fund 100% renewable energy and much needed social services.

The struggle for a better world goes on, we'll continue to do all we can to help bring it about and we invite you to join us. Ours is a world and future to win!