Monday, October 5, 2015

Rally for refugees: Close Nauru & Manus detention centres! (Sun 11 Oct)

Murder, rape, systemic child abuse...The three years of Nauru and Manus Island detention centres being back in operation has produced a grotesque system of abuse resulting in a list of human rights violations too long to name.

Join the rally and "tour of shame" through Perth to help call for the immediate closure of Nauru and Manus detention centres:

1pm Sun 11 October

Gather at the:
Tourist info booth, Murray Street Mall, Perth City

Attend on Facebook:

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All people seeking asylum, whether currently detained off-shore or arriving by boat, must be brought to Australia and offered permanent protection.

With the Labor Party committing itself to following Liberal-National policy of forced turn-backs of people at sea the Government believes itself to be free to promote racism and the abuse of refugees without opposition.

The political leadership fighting for refugee rights exists within the Australian community in solidarity with the resistance of people in detention
Despite years of relentless abuse refugees in detention continue to protest and resist attacks by policies of deterrence. Despite decades of lies, fear and demonisation people in the community continue to act in solidarity with asylum seekers and resist the racist, anti-refugee politics.

On Sunday October 11th be a voice for refugee rights.
Join with your church, your union, classmates, and community to demand an end to the abuse of refugees and the closure of Nauru and Manus IDCs

Be part of the political opposition which states clearly that the only lasting solution for people seeking asylum in Australia and living as refugees around the world is to

Let them land,
Let them stay,

[Information from the Refugee Rights Action Network.]