Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sudanese protest: Omar Al-Bashir to ICC

Members of Perth's Sudanese community (and supporters including Socialist Alliance members) protested against the participation of Sudanese government representatives at the "Africa Down Under" conference 2-4 Sept 2015 in Perth. A leaflet was handed out to participants based on the text below (taken from the Facebook event).

* * * * * *

Amongst the arrivals for The Africa Down Under conference taking place in Perth from 2-4 September 2015 is a delegation from the Sudanese Ministry of Mines, a branch of the Islamic Dictatorial Sudanese government that came to power through a military coup in 1989.

The Sudanese president and upper ministry, including members of the cabinet, are wanted by the International Criminal Court on charges of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against the Sudanese people in Darfur.
The Ministry of Mines is part of a corrupt system used to rob Sudanese people of their resources. The profits from these ventures finance militant organisations and support terrorist activity worldwide.

The Bashir regime’s attempts to participate in a global conference is a desperate attempt to end its international and economic isolation, that has resulted fits many violations of human rights and crimes against the Sudanese people.
Cooperation with, and inclusion of, the fascist Bashir regime can be seen as supporting the on-going suppression of the Sudanese people, including their lack of access to health and education and the continuation of genocide and ethnic cleansing in Darfur, The Nuba Mountains and The Blue Nile.

· We call upon the Australian Government to Boycott Bashir’s Bloody Regime and cease all forms of cooperation and support with their representatives.

· We call on human rights organisation and political parties in Australia to stand in Solidarity with the Sudanese People.

· We call upon the Sudanese Community in Perth and Surrounding Areas to protest during this conference.

· We call on the wider community to stand in solidarity with the Sudanese people and protest the exploitation of the African Nations

The protest will be outside the Pan Pacific Perth Hotel