Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Murdoch forum: International guest speaker on Greece - Wed 18 March

Murdoch Uni forum - all welcome

Greece: capitalism in crisis & the people's alternative

Wed 18 Mar, 12:30pm

Venue: Amen 2.032
This is in the Amenities Building, which is near the Guild. Give us a call if you need help finding the location.

The European debt crisis has had a devastating impact on the people of Greece and across Southern Europe and Ireland. People have responded with protests, strikes and, on January 25, the election in Greece of a coalition government led by radical left coalition SYRIZA that is already beginning to reverse the vicious public sector cuts demanded by the European banks and political institutions.

What does the crisis tell us about the world capitalist economic system? What alternatives could there be?

Guest speaker: Dick Nichols is European Correspondent for Green Left Weekly who covered the Greek elections this year. He has been covering the development of radical parties in Europe since the financial crash of 2008.