Saturday, November 22, 2014

Perth rally for equal marriage rights

Over 100 people defied police and Perth City Council on November 22 to rally and march in Perth to demand equal marriage rights. The rally began with threats by Perth City Council and WA Police. They claimed the rally had not been granted approval by the Perth City Council despite the fact that no approval is required. Everybody has a common law right to protest in a public area. Police threatened to disallow a march (as has been increasingly common in recent months). Equal Love stood up to the intimidation and the protest and march took place without incident.

Speakers included Greens' Lynn MacLaren, End Queer Lockdown's James Rendell, trans activist Natalia Verne, Socialist Alliance's Farida Iqbal and Miranda Wood from Curtin Guild (and Socialist Alternative).

The rally took place on the same day as the Pride Parade at which the End Queer Lockdown float will be an important activist contribution.