Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Waging Peace on War and Terror: Wed 17 Sept

Politics in the Club
Waging Peace on War & Terror

Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop are gloating about the prospect of sending troops to Iraq while at the same time trying to convince anybody who will listen that this intervention is different to the invasion of 2003.

Meanwhile, defence advisor and former head of the Australian army Peter Lealy recently predicted Australia will be engaged in a “savage, 100 year war against radical Islam”.

With hype around the ANZAC centenary reaching fever pitch, the Abbott government is signaling its readiness to support the latest US/NATO military interventions in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. This forum will discuss building the anti-war movement today.

Sandra Nasr (Politics lecturer, NDU) on Israel/Palestine
Adrian Glamorgan Fremantle-based peace & anti-nuke campaigner
Nicolas Gribble on the West’s endless war in the Middle East
Barry Healy on nationalism, war and ANZAC

Wednesday 17 September 6:30pm
Fremantle Workers Club, 9 Henry St

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For more info: fremantle@greenleft.org.au or 0415 922 740