Saturday, July 5, 2014

All out on Sunday 6 July against Abbott's budget

Don't forget to turn out tomorrow to the anti-budget protest in Perth:

1pm, Sun 6 July

Stirling Gardens
(also known as Supreme Court Gardens)
cnr Barrack St and  St Georges Terrace, Perth city

This protest (and others like it around the country) will shape the next stage of the fightback against Abbott's budget (since the Greens and ALP voted recently in favour of the budget supply bills).

There will still be wrangling in the senate about some budget measures - where hopefully Abbott will see some defeats - but ongoing protests in the streets will be critical to ensuring that opposition senators maintain their backbone.

Of course, the working class in this country has the power to kill the whole budget dead, but that would require a combined union and community campaign bigger than the campaign against WorkChoices! Tomorrow's protest is an important part of creating the climate where such a campaign can emerge.

Therefore we need to make the protests as successful as possible!

Green Left Weekly will also be running a live blog during the protests. You can help by sending photos, videos and updates to Green Left to help compile the unfolding story: (Email: Tweet: @greenleftweekly.)

Attend the protest on FaceBook: