Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Police harass Sorry Day protest by mothers and grandmothers against the new stolen generation

The video above is from the Sorry Day protest by dozens of Aboriginal people and their supporters against the escalating "removal" of children by the Department of Child Protection (DCP) and similar agencies around the country. The protest was led by mothers and grandmothers who have had their children removed and was part of a national day of action.

After reading a national statement protesters went inside intending to meet with representatives of the DCP. Eventually, the DCP met with a delegation of around eight people which participants described as a successful meeting. While DCP staff would not make calls there and then to discuss with case workers, they promised to make some initial calls promptly and get back to the protesting families.

The protesters then began to sing and dance while waiting for the reply from DCP staff. Instead they were met by "antagonistic" police who shoved people out of the building and then proceeded to make at least one arrest and issue move-on notices.

A short distance away, a tame official Sorry Day event was underway. Nyoongar Tent Embassy were the organisers of the protest at the Perth DCP office.