Thursday, March 13, 2014

Vote for a real opposition

Today's West Australian reported that:

Mr Bullock, an Anglican and former Sydney University ally of Tony Abbott [and Labor's lead senate candidate], brushed off a suggestion he had more in common with the Prime Minister on abortion and gay marriage than most of his party colleagues.

But asked what Mr Abbott's weaknesses were, Mr Bullock initially refused, before it was pointed out that Mr Shorten had declared the April 5 poll a "by-election on Tony Abbott" and hadn't he better think of one.

"He speaks without thinking a bit," Mr Bullock eventually offered.

Wouldn't it be better if the ALP preselected candidates that actually opposed Abbott's policies?

If you want a real opposition, vote for the Socialist Alliance. Socialist Alliance opposes Abbott not just with words but with policies that actually challenge his agenda (which is largely shared by Labor it must be said), and with the perspective of building a grassroots people's power movement that can truly bring about change.