Thursday, August 22, 2013

Largest rally against gas fracking yet in WA

Around 300 people marched through Fremantle on August 17 against gas fracking in WA. Ten per cent of the state is already covered in fracking leases for shale and tight gas (not coal seam gas as in common in the eastern states).

The technology is newly being introduced into WA with only a small number of "fracks" having happened so far. However, the industry and government are set for a major expansion.

There are a lot of safety concerns given the industry has a poor record in other parts of the world. In WA, already there have been well casing failures from the fracks that have occurred.

This was the largest rally against fracking that has so far taken place in WA. It was followed immediately by a forum discussing the issue in more depth.

The rally was organised by No Fracking WAy which is the main grassroots activist group on the issue in Perth.