Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rally LOUDER for refugees: Sat 3 Aug

After an excellent turnout at Saturday's rally it was decided to continue the pressure on the government and the Coalition. In the lead-up to the election it is critical that we maintain the momentum and express our outrage through further protests.

The government has increased the vilification of refugees with an advertising blitz worth millions of dollars. They have so much blood on their hands. It was revealed this week that rescue attempts of refugees in distress at sea were deliberately delayed. Meanwhile thousands languish in detention centres until their spirit is crushed. We can't allow this to continue.

Lets ensure that off-loading the worlds most vulnerable people offshore in detention centres in Papua New Guinea - one of the poorest nations in the region and the world is not an option.

Rally again to show your opposition to the current policy and to help win a policy of closing all detention centres and welcoming refugees.

1pm Sat 3 August
Murray Street Mall, Perth City

Organised by Refugee Rights Action Network

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Following the rally, Socialist Alliance has organised an important forum on the Cuban international medical aid program. It would be good to see you there.

Public forum - all welcome

Australian doctor Katherine Edyvane who has worked alongside Cuban doctors on international aid missions tells a little known story of Cuba's impressive international aid efforts.

3pm Sat 3 August

Perth Activist Centre
15/5 Aberdeen St, Perth (next to McIver station)

Hosted by Perth Socialist Alliance
Ph 9218 9608, 0413 976 638

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