Sunday, March 3, 2013

Protesters have fracked parliament house

[This media release was issued by No Fracking WAy on 3 March 2013.]

Activists from campaign group “No Fracking WAy” fracked parliament house on the 3rd of March. The fracking was attended by state government representatives including Department of Mines and Petroleum director Will Pineapple, Minister for the Environment and Water Bill Smarmion, and WA Premier Barnett Shale. Outraged members of the general public questioned the government representatives about risks to health and the environment.

Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, is a controversial technology used for the extraction of natural gas. Full scale commercial fracking is set to begin in WA in 2014.

“Rumours that fracking has destroyed farmland and killed cattle are completely false. Fracking is perfectly safe. The cattle are lying, just like everybody else who has a problem with hydraulic fracturing, which is actually the clean energy of the future,” the Hon. Bill Smarmion told the crowd.

“Fracking is good for the environment. It is already doing wonderful things for Western Australia's biodiversity. It is bringing in wonderful new species, such as shifty Texas oil barons, sleazy politicians, and ruthless corporate executives,” said DMP director Will Pineapple.

“A re-elected Liberal government will continue to provide the highest possible protection to Western Australia's unique terrestrial landscapes by fracking your brains out,” Premier Barnett Shale told the crowd.

“We expect to extract trillions of cubic feet of gas from parliament house. Parliament house is always full of hot air. We will make a lot of money,” said No Fracking WAy campaigner Greg Glazov.

The fracking of parliament house is part of a major expansion of the petroleum industry in Perth, also to include a Cottesloe gas hub in the Premier's backyard.

Media Contacts
The Hon. Bill Smarmion: 0412 109 160
Premier Colin Barnett Shale: 0417 339 931
Greg Glazov: 0467 173 522