Thursday, November 29, 2012

Louise Pratt: Blood on your hands

Perth action in solidarity with Iranian hunger striker Omid who is facing death due to the Australian government's refusal to grant his modest demands to be treated like a human being and to have his asylum application processed in Australia.

This light pole is largely responsible for what little media coverage the action got (except Green Left of course). The light pole fell over during a storm that happened the same day outside Louise Pratt's office. Media turned up for the light pole but not a hunger striker nearing death for no reason other than he is a refugee unfairly sent to the Nauru detention centre.

The action was organised by Refugee Rights Action Network and took place outside ALP senator Louise Pratt's office. Pratt used to be a member of Labor for Refugees but hasn't spoken up very loudly against the current incarnation of the Pacific "Solution".