Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Reclaim the Night march in Fremantle

Friday 26 October 2012

Pioneer Park, Fremantle (opposite Fremantle train station)

- End violence against women
- Stop victim blaming
- Demand consent education

This event has been organised by women. It will be lead by 70 women carrying candles, with anti-violence and anti victim blaming messages, to represent the 700 metres that Jill Meagher had to walk to get home. It also represents all women who have been the victims of violence in their homes and on the street. All those who support the goals of the rally are welcome to attend.

We want to stop violence against women both at home and on the street we need to emphasise that rape is at the fault of the perpetrator and not the victim.

As women, we have the right to be safe everywhere - in our homes, in our streets, out with friends and by ourselves. We have the right to be able to live without having to constantly be thinking of our safety- there should be nowhere that is deemed a 'bad neighbourhood' where violence 'just happens'.

We argue that women need to be respected sexually as well - Yes, not maybe. We encourage active consent at all times, no matter how many times you have been together before.

We recognise that men have a role to play in this as well, as people who respect us, support us and advocate change with us. It is important that we acknowledge the men who stand with us and say it is NOT OK to be violent - physically, sexually, emotionally - towards women. We ask that this message be passed along from person to person, to help End the Violence.

While the event is open to everyone who supports the goals of the event it is being lead and organised by women. All women are welcome to be involved in the organising of this event. If you wish to be involved either come along to a meeting or email us on reclaimthenightfreo [at] gmail [dot] com.

[Information supplied by the Reclaim the Night Fremantle organising collective]