Sunday, April 22, 2012

Strong rally against fracking in Perth stands up to harassment by perth city council and police

No Fracking WAy held it’s first rally against fracking and unconventional gas extraction in the state on April 21. The demand was a for a moratorium on unconventional gas until it could be proven safe for human health and environment. 
The environment minister has recently given the go ahead for mining companies to frack the perth basin without the EPA’s assessment or approval. 
The Perth City Council backed up by the WA police tried to shut down the rally. They confiscated placards, stalls, banners, leaflets and event petitions. Going as far as to issue more on notices to people who refused to comply. 
This did not put off the hundred plus strong crowd who continued to protest against fracking in the face of this harassment. The chanted “No fracking in WA, we're going to fight it all the way” as everyone marched through the city.