Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rally for homeless people's rights pre CHOGM - Thurs 2 June

Join the protest on Thurs 2 June
Parliament House (Harvest Terrace, West Perth)

* Justice for homeless people during CHOGM - permanent accommodation, not swept off the streets
* Increase public housing - a right not a privilege
* Increased services and facilities for homeless people (drop-in centres, laudries, safe spaces, etc)
* A full public apology by police minister Rob Johnson and Colin Barnett for their insulting comments in parliament

Speakers include:
Corey Wilkinson (homeless rights protest organiser)
Alex Bainbridge (Chogm Action Network)
Eric Ripper or Mark McGowan (ALP)
Alison Xamon (Greens)
Troy Buswell (Housing Minister) and Premier Colin Barnett have been invited to speak.