Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rally for Survival - say no to James Price Point gas hub!

8:30am, Monday 28th March
EPA office, 168 St Georges Terrace, Perth

After a summer of extreme weather events, now is the time to say: YES! to immediate strong action on climate change.

While politicians argue about how much to spend on disaster relief and who should pay, how to price carbon and how much to give away to the big polluters for their cooperation with tiny cuts to greenhouse pollution, global warming and climate change are on the move. 2010 was equal hottest year on record, with billions of trees dying of drought in the Amazon (with an estimated carbon dioxide release of 8 billion tonnes) and devastating floods in Pakistan, fires in Russia - not to mention the Australian floods and cyclones, due to a stronger than usual La Nina.

In rallies, vigils and marches around Australia this month, people will be calling for action for survival.

In Perth, we will rally in the city on the day submissions to the EPA on the James Price Point gas hub close, to show our opposition to it and other fossil fuel projects in WA, and calling for renewable energy and a phase-out of coal, oil and gas, to begin the emergency transition we need to a low/no carbon pollution economy.

For more info, call Kamala 0417 319 662 or email