Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pro-choice national day of action - Stop the Cairns couple going to jail for abortion


A Cairns couple will face trial on October 12th, 2010 on charges brought under Qld’s Anti-Abortion laws. A woman is facing charges for intent to procure a miscarriage, which faces a penalty of up to seven years in prison. Her partner is facing charges for assisting her, which carries a penalty of up to three years in prison.

Anti-abortion Violence! Soon after the charges were brought against the couple, The Cairns Post published their address. Consequently their house was firebombed by anti-abortion campaigners, forcing the couple to relocate.

The Australian reported on August 8th, that Therese Martin, Qld President of the anti-abortion lobby group ‘Cherished Life’ claimed that they don't support the aggressive tactics adopted by some anti-abortion groups and that they don't confront women outside abortion clinics.

They claimed that they only mount ‘silent protests’. THIS IS A LIE. ‘Cherished Life’ and their collaborators in ‘Protect Life’ regularly confront and harass women outside Brisbane clinics. Therese Martin herself participates in the annual ‘Walk for Little Feet’ which protests outside various clinics in Brisbane, blocking the entrances.

The Bligh government and the corporate media have continually LIED about the facts of the case!

The Cairns case is putting Abortion on Trial in an attempt to set a dangerous new precedent on the abortion laws and set back women’s access to abortion.

It’s time to stand up for women’s Right to control their own bodies.

Speakout: Fri 8 October
5:30pm, Murray St Mall (William Street end)


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