Friday, July 10, 2009

Perth Voice reports on Freo SA forum

The Perth Voice newspaper reported on the June 30 forum hosted by Fremantle Socialist Alliance on the topic of "Challenging the Two-Party System: how far can we go?".

"The Socialist Alliance has likened Australia's political system to a battle between soft drink giants Pepsi and Coke: Both big brands sell expensive, sugary junk and it's hard to tell them apart," the paper wrote in its 11 July issue.

"Last Tuesday the East Perth-based workers' party held a forum in Fremantle where its candidate, Sam Wainwright, had polled in the top half of an 11-strong by-election field."

"Unionist Les McLaughlin opened with a speech about workplace agreements, saying the Rudd government had failed: 'Workplace agreements have not been completely abolished, as the government said they would be' he said."

The paper also reported comments by state upper house Greens member Lyn MacLaren (who stepped in at the last minute to replace Adele Carles who was unwell). "Challenging the two party system is a good way to strengthen our democracy" the paper quoted MacLaren as saying.

Since then, the Perth Socialist Alliance has held a successful branch meeting on July 8 featuring guest speaker Jonathan Strauss from the Cairns Socialist Alliance.

Each meeting attracted between 20-25 people with not much overlap between them. Socialist Alliance in WA now has more than 50 currently financial members - more than double the figure from the beginning of this year.

The next Perth Socialist Alliance forum will be on July 23 on the topic of Iran. The meeting will aim to increase understanding about the 1979 Iranian revolution and about why we need to both defend Iran against attacks from Western imperialist governments and support Iranian movements for democratic reform.

Socialist Alliance is also planning a forum on on the coup in Honduras (details soon) and our upcoming state conference from 1pm on Saturday 15 August at the Resistance Centre (15 / 5 Aberdeen St, East Perth - just next to McIver station).

For more information, phone Alex Bainbridge 0413 976 638.