Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Public forum: Capitalism versus humanity in the fight to save the planet - Sat 30 April

Canadian ecosocialist speaking in Perth

Climate war and the billionaire class:
Capitalism versus humanity in the fight to save the planet

World renowned ecosocialist Ian Angus is coming to Australia as a feature speaker at the Socialist for the 21st Century Conference in Sydney (May 13-15).

This forum in Perth will address the "climate war" that has begun and the ecosocialist solutions needed to address it.

More than ever, the line between rich and poor is a line between survival and death, as inequality and climate change combine to create new extremes of oppression. A handful of people live in obscene luxury, while billions are condemned to permanent poverty and hunger – and rich governments build fences, walls and concentration camps to keep the poor away.

Speaker Ian Angus is a long-time activist in socialist and environmental movements in Canada and internationally. He is editor of the online journal Climate & Capitalism and co-author of the Belem Ecosocialist Declaration. His most recent book is Facing the Anthropocene: Fossil Capitalism and the Crisis of the Earth System.

Forum details:
2pm Sat 30 April
Perth Activist Centre
(15/5 Aberdeen St, Perth - next to McIver station)
Recommended donation: $5

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Ian Angus is also a featured speaker at the Socialism for the 21st Century Conference: