Thursday, August 8, 2013

Word on the street about Sam Wainwright

Check over some of the comments people have made for Socialist Alliance candidate Sam Wainwright:

Sam Wainwright has always been a champion for workers' rights. I've known him as a workplace delegate and a workers' rights activist and he's always been willing to support people in their workplace. He would make a great member for Fremantle.

-- Alex Falconer, unionist

Socialist Alliance Sam Wainwright‘s passion is always great to watch and he made good points that made a lot of sense, which cannot be said for some of the other wannabees on the panel.
-- Roel Loopers, Freo View blog

Sam Wainwright is the candidate in Western Australia with the best plan to stop the human race from destroying itself and all other life in the process. He is down-to-earth, a long-time unionist, a human-rights activist, and an absolute champ. He recognises the urgent need to stop Australia's contribution to international climate change with immediate action to phase out coal. Nationalising or renationalising the big mines, banks and power companies would stop the unruly bankers from pulling the wool down over our eyes. It would mean their super profits could be used for the good of all society. Sam Wainwright understands that this land we live on belongs rightfully to the first people in this country and that Aboriginal sovereignty over this sacred land must be respected. The profits from these nationalised corporations need to be used for accessible public housing, free education, free healthcare and improved public transport. A vote for Sam is a vote for you, a vote for all the underdogs, a vote for liberty & a vote to stop our future being stolen.
-- Chris "1000Eyes" Bonds, hip hop artist

Sam is a personal friend of mine. We work together in a local advocacy group. He is a down to earth, genuine guy who is incredibly motivated. He truly believes in what he does and is extremely passionate about the causes he supports.
-- Cali, Tamil refugee

Sam's a good bloke, he's a good wadjula. He stands up for the downtrodden. He sees us Nyoongar people as the most downtrodden in Australia. He can see there is a lot of hopelessness and fear. He will always stand with us in our Aboriginal protests and rallies. So vote for him down Fremantle way because he will be good for the downtrodden people.
-- Uncle Ben Taylor, Nyoongar Wadjuk elder

In an era of panic-stricken political opportunism and escalating austerity fascism, Sam's strong and steady commitment to social justice for the oppressed is rare and inspirational. He is a fearless activist and intellectual who knows how to 'learn from below' and create dynamic and hopeful dialogues about real social change. It is a relief to see Socialist Alliance drawing urgent attention to the human need for public ownership of mining and banks. Sam can also be counted on to fight for single mothers and their children who are more often than not the canaries in the mineshafts of neoliberalism.
-- Dr Abigail Bray, author, inaugural inductee WA Womens hall of fame

We think that Sam Wainwright and the Socialist Alliance would make life better for people if their policy were implemented. Sam has the knowledge and the courage to be an effective fighter for real change. Sam is different to the normal politicians from the establishment parties. Why do those politicians lie? Because at election time, they don't say that they are going to support the big corporations and rich individuals who are a minority. If they told the truth they would lose the election so obviously they have to lie. Sam is different because what he is saying today about nationalising the mines and the banks is what he would push for if elected. These policies are in the interests of working people and you should support them too.
-- Khalid Hassan, Sudanese community member in WA

Fremantle city councillor Sam Wainwright is a socialist – a truly international socialist. His commitment to social justice and fair play, for all, is reflected in his pursuit of justice for the Tamils of Sri Lanka. Sam has studied the plight of the Tamils and has taken their cause to heart. He works so hard to highlight their sufferings and canvases their right to self-determination. I have always admired the energy and enthusiasm with which Sam pursues his politics.
-- Tamil refugee, name withheld to protect family members from the threat of persecution in Sri Lanka

Sam Wainwright is my local councillor and now a candidate in the federal election in my electorate of Fremantle. I will be voting for Sam because over the years I have seen him stand up for local services in Hilton (e.g. Buster the Fun Bus) as well as for human rights (e.g. refugees). He has convictions and stands by them. He sees injustice and tries to change it. He is eloquent and intelligent and a great debater. I believe that Australia would be a better place with Sam Wainwright in parliament.
-- Shelley James, Single Parents Action Group

I am a Hilton resident, former Secretary of Hilton Precinct and Suburb Manager of Neighbourhood Watch. I first met Sam Wainwright when he was a newly elected Councillor on Fremantle Council. In the ensuing years I have observed Sam to be a hard worker and a man of his word. He embraces strong principles and is passionate about the welfare of the low-income and marginalised community. He believes in an ethical government. If Sam were elected to Parliament he would stand out as a principled, honest man who cares. In this election there is very little difference between the major parties. They have shown how little we can believe in their promises. Vote for Sam for truth and justice!
-- Mary Barton, Hilton resident

I've worked with Sam mainly because of his involvement in Hilton Harvest Community Garden. As our local Fremantle councillor Sam has thrown his full support behind the garden in our representations to council where he succeeds in getting real results like funding for paths and administrative support. He has also been our MC at the Twilgiht Fair, returning officer for our AGMs and seems to find himself on the end of a tea towel after most of our events! He's not bad at swinging a shovel too! Sam is a doer, a person of great integrity and honesty. He will say what he thinks and work hard at what he believes in.
-- Amy Warne, President, Hilton Harvest Community Garden

I just wanted to lend my support to Sam Wainwright who is one of the candidates for this year's federal election in the region of Fremantle. [We should] get behind him with this campaign because he is a real grassroots person who I believe can actually listen to the people and get our issues into parliament... As a councillor in Fremantle, he got a lot done for the people and if you really want a candidate who's going to go all the way and actually do something from a real grassroots level and a real human perspective, vote number 1 for Sam because he's just a deadly wadjula bloke and if we can get behind him, I think we'll have someone real in the political arena. So get behind Sam. I give him my full support. Get a real grassroots person into the federal election and lets see how we can go with getting normal people into parliament instead of just politicians all the time.
-- Marianne Mackay, Nyoongar Tent Embassy activist

Sam Wainwright has been a tireless campaigner for human rights and social justice. He brings both passion and an intellectual rigor to his assessment of the way forward for this country. Sam has demonstrated his commitment to a range of critical issues, such as refugee rights, anti-racism, and anti-war campaigning via his direct involvement and support for organising against human rights abuses. Whether it is standing together outside the gates of Yongah Hill immigration detention Center for refugees, or the offices of Julie Bishop for the beleaguered Tamil victims of genocidal violence, Sam has been there speaking up and speaking out. Sam has demonstrated his appreciation for the link between the wars and atrocities overseas, the propaganda of denial, and our government's cynical burial of refugees’ actual experiences and rights. He sees the politics behind the policies of division. His is a voice of sense, of decency, of unity and of struggle.
-- Victoria Martin-Iverson, refugee rights activist

This year the government made more money cutting single parent payments than what they took from the mining giants via the mining tax. Sam Wainwright has my support because he stands for wealth distribution, so ordinary people can benefit from the state’s mining wealth. Abbott and Rudd are racing to the right on asylum seeker policy, scapegoating refugees and distracting us from their policy failures. Refugees pose no threat to society and we could fund higher education with the $8 billion the government spends annually locking up asylum seekers. We need political representatives – like Sam – who understand this, who stand for what is fair and just, who stand up for what matters.
-- Anita Creasey, State President, National Union of Students & Single Parent

Sam has been and remains one of Earthworker Cooperative's most ardent supporters. 
With now two key unions, the Australian Services Union and the National Tertiary Education Union in Victoria, having negotiated the insertion of an Earthworker Clause into their EBA's with three major employers, Earthworker Cooperative is now at the production end of the process. 
Workers Cooperatives manufacturing green technologies, distributing the goods through the Agreements which unions negotiate with employers; creating a worker's and community market for the worker and community-owned green goods; at this stage in our history, does it get any better than that for the future of Australian democracy?
We have always said we are working towards the same factories in each State and Territory of Australia, and Sam is the activist politician we speak to when we want to look at the factory in Fremantle. His work as a Councillor in Fremantle has seen him play a key role in identifying the new green jobs for Freo, in very practical ways. Practical steps at the moment are absolutely critical, especially as conservative politicians still spread denial politics around climate emergency. 

With our key union supporters being the Maritime Union of Australia's West Australia branch, WA Branch of the CFMEU and the West Australian AMWU, Earthworker Cooperative is well placed to establish the first cooperative factory in the West.
In speaking on Earthworker Cooperative's behalf in the past, Sam has always insisted that ours should become an Australian democracy which at last includes the economy when seeking to determine the will of the people.

-- Dave Kerin, EarthWorker cooperative

I fully endorse Sam Wainwright for political office in the seat of Fremantle because Sam has the interests of the people at heart and has always worked for the poor, the underprivileged and marginalised. As a human rights activist, Sam understands the contradictions in government policy and has the ability and integrity to articulate the views of the people of Fremantle. Yes it is time. Yes it is time we take back our wealth off the corrupt mining billionaires who are frightened of someone like Sam Wainwright who will expose their greed. Sam argues the need for public ownership of our public assets, banks, power companies, hospitals and so on. These are some of the reasons I will be voting for Sam Wainwright in Fremantle and I urge you all to do the same.
-- Seamus Doherty, President, Plumbers Union WA

I am a huge supporter of Fremantle councillor Sam Wainwright who is running as a candidate for the Socialist Alliance. One thing that Sam is passionate about is creating a democratic and equal society for all people regardless of their background. Sam's passion and his values and beliefs are about putting people before profits. I wish him all the best in his campaign here in Fremantle and I hope that he, and others like him, can achieve the equal and just society that we all want to see with human rights for all.
-- Natasha Moore, Deaths in Custody Watch Committee board member

What I like most about the Socialist Alliance is the way their meetings don't just make tokenistic gestures towards matters such as inclusivity and diversity and marriage equality. It is good to see a party that actively makes sure that their grassroots members are able to influence policy platforms. In this age of plastic promises, flexible morality and rampant capitalism and consumerism being sold by the major political parties it is good to see Sam Wainwright unambiguously standing up for social justice and providing a real vision for our society. If our country and indeed our species is to survive to the next millennium then now is the time for a NEW "real" paradigm. I think Sam Wainwright and the Socialist Alliance are deserving of your vote in the seat of Fremantle because I believe Sam will indeed stand up and fight the cronyism and big business interests that are morally corrupting our Communities.
-- James Rendell, FagMedia

Sam Wainwright has a strong appreciation for the importance of public services and direct personal experience. He always shows his commitment to equality of access. I know that he works as a carer of people with disabilities, so he knows the cost to those people of the austerity policies of both Liberal and Labor governments, at state and federal level. Not only that, but when public servants have gone to Parliament House to protest against austerity and cut backs, Sam has been there as a Fremantle Councillor giving his support. I remember when he organised a community contingent from Fremantle to come to a CSA rally. It is precisely that kind of dedication that we need from people who are in positions to articulate the case for equality. I’m so used to seeing cynicism from our politicians it’s refreshing to see a person who isn’t an opportunist. Sam is a bloke who gives a damn and makes a difference. I would love to see him in parliament, and I’d love to see more like him in there.
-- Barry Healy, State Councillor, CPSU/CSA

I am the primary carer of 2 small children and a student at Murdoch University. I have been living in the Fremantle City Council area for 5 years. In that time Sam Wainwright has been my representative on Council. He has been an important part of many campaigns for woman's rights and to improve services for parents. It is a testament to Sam's community motivation that he has listened and acted on the needs of women and parents so well. This included providing vital support for the campaign to save 'Buster the Fun Bus', slowing traffic on local roads, creating safe places to cross South Street for parents with prams and those will mobility issues, supporting the street rally 'Reclaim the Night Fremantle 2012' and pushing council to provide baby changing / feeding facilities in the refurbishment of Fremantle. Sam would be a fantastic voice for Fremantle locals in federal parliament and I have no hesitation supporting him for this position.
-- Justine Kamprad, O'Connor resident, Reclaim the Night 2012 organiser and Socialist Alliance member