Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sam Wainwright for Fremantle: take a stand for socialist change

Media commentary will undoubtedly focus on the "contest" between Kevin Abbott and Tony Rudd in the coming elections. But the truth is they both agree about so much.

They both support policies to bash up refugees. They both deny the seriousness of the climate crisis by promoting dodgy schemes that are designed to make no impact on the problem. They both support cutting funding to tertiary education and forcing single parents onto Newstart.

Most importantly, they both support a policy framework that is good for corporations and bad for ordinary workers, students and poor people.

If you want to see a truly better world, you need to support a genuinely anti-corporate candidate. In WA, that means supporting Sam Wainwright - Socialist Alliance candidate for Fremantle.

Sam is running on a platform of bringing the mining, banking and power companies under public ownership so they can be run democratically in the public interest. Sam has actively stood up for the rights of refugees. He supports equal marriage rights and women's rights, workers' rights and genuine grassroots democracy.

As a Fremantle City Councillor he has a proven track record of defending the interests of ordinary people.

There are a number of ways you can support the Socialist Alliance campaign for the seat of Fremantle. In particular, the following steps would be particularly helpful:

1. Make a donation
Big or small, it will help to make a difference. DETAILS HERE

2. Help us on polling day
Click here to say when you're available (please really do this it will help).

3. Attend our election launch
Thurs 22 August, Hilton Community Centre. MORE DETAILS

4. Help us with letterboxing
Phone Rob on 0422 709 763 or Alex 0413 976 638

5. Attend our Pot Luck Dinner election fundraiser
Sat 17 August, 21a Jarvis St, O'Connor. MORE DETAILS

    Don't forget, you can also "Like" us on FaceBook, check out our campaign material and help us on polling day.

    Sam Wainwright on the Socialist Alliance plan to redistribute wealth

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