Thursday, February 9, 2012

Protest Sri Lankas human rights abuses at the cricket

Australia and Sri Lanka will be playing a one day cricket match at the WACA on Friday 10 February.

The Sri Lankan government is responsible for major human rights abuses against the Tamil minority in Sri Lanka. This includes the killing of over 40,000 people in the space of a few weeks in 2009.

These human rights abuses continue with untold numbers of people in detention and independent journalists are still prevented from reporting on the situation.

Decent people in Australia should not let these crimes go unnoticed and unpunished.

Help raise the issue of justice for Tamil people at the front entrance of the WACA.

12 noon, Friday 10 February 2012
WACA front entrance
cnr Hale St & Nelson Cres

Australia's cricketers should shun Sri Lanka

Despite growing international outrage over the Sri Lankan military’s mass killings of over 40,000 Tamil civilians in 2009, the Sri Lankan government is defiantly refusing to heed international demands for an independent investigation into the atrocities. Instead it is escalating a range of discriminatory and repressive policies towards the Tamil people.

Australia’s cricketers should take a principled stand in defence of human rights and justice, and boycott playing with Sri Lanka until the government there conducts itself according to the rules of international society.

In doing so, they will have the support of the Australian people, the Tamils, and all those, the world over, concerned with human rights, justice, and human dignity.

Australia is among many countries calling for an independent investigation of Sri Lanka’s mass killings — something the Tamil people and international human rights groups have long been demanding.