Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nyoongar Tent Embassy marches on government house

Forty members and supporters of the Nyoongar Tent Embassy marched on Government House early on February 21. The march was an important public statement for the Embassy after an operation by more than fifty armed police on Sunday to clear tents and vehicles from Matagarup (Heirrison Island) where the Embassy is located.

Some media reports have falsely given the impression that that was the end of the Embassy. In fact the Embassy remains strong.

Prior to the march beginning, Embassy representatives were buoyed by the news that Perth City Council has publicly said they they have ``no plans to ask protesters at the Tent Embassy to stop camping at the site''.

The purpose of the march was to present a letter to the governor asserting sovereignty and calling on the governor to show proof if sovereignty was ever ceded by Nyoongar people.

The marchers walked down the middle of the Causeway and Adelaide Terrace marshalling themselves and at least eight children effectively.

Government House officials initially refused entrance to the group but eventually a delegation of five elders and an official photographer were allowed in to present the letter.