Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nyoongar Tent Embassy defies police eviction

Over fifty police and half a dozen council rangers moved in to try to evict the Nyoongar Tent Embassy before 6:30am this morning (January 19).

Police marched in in force ("an armed military operation") and went tent to tent to force people to pack up.

This move was an outrageous attack on Aboriginal sovereignty, on the right to protest and on common decency. Shame on Barnett who was invited personally to come down to the Embassy to discuss the issues involved. Instead of taking up the offer, he sent in the police.

In the circumstances, people in the Embassy decided to take down tents and remove vehicles. However the Embassy remains strong and shows no signs of giving up.

It is still important for people to come down to the Embassy to give support.

Video: Police threaten to impound vehicles (19 February 2012)

Video: "This is about sovereignty!" (17 February 2012)

Photos: Embassy standing up to eviction (By Zeb Parkes)