Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sam Watson: Election fund appeal

Dear member or friend of the Socialist Alliance,

Although it might have been little surprise to you, many have been disappointed just how little things have changed for the better since we got rid of the hated Howard government. And now Labor’s new change of face comes with an ugly, racist shift to the right and a capitulation to the greedy mining billionaires.

The apology to the Stolen Generation was welcome, but actions speak louder than words. Labor has expanded the Howard government’s Northern Territory intervention — the most vicious attack on Aboriginal rights in decades. The gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians has grown and our young men are still dying in custody.

Although Labor promised a new approach to asylum seekers, mandatory detention remains and the Curtin prison in WA has been reopened. Labor replaced the “Pacific solution” with the “Indonesia solution” and now the “East Timor solution”. The visa freeze on refugees fleeing wars in Sri Lanka and Afghanistan was another disgrace.

Labor was swept to power by mass opposition to Howard’s Work Choices and its promises to bin it. Instead, Julia Gillard kept much of the hated anti-union laws — ‘Work Choices lite’ — and refused to dump the ABCC, the building industry secret police. We salute Ark Tribe, the South Australian building worker, who is now on trial and threatened with jail for refusing to cooperate with the ABCC interrogators.

Then, of course, there’s climate change — the “greatest moral challenge of our time”. While many hoped Labor would take action, that opportunity has been squandered away on the false premise that Australia cannot show leadership. Meanwhile, carbon emissions continue to rise and Labor state governments plan new coal mines.

Now the election is upon us and with it the chance to put forward alternative policies to those of the two parties of big business — policies that put people and the environment before profits.

It’s important that we get the socialist message out far and wide. The stronger the vote for the Socialist Alliance (and the Greens), the clearer the message that people don’t want the profits first policies of Labor and Liberal.

Just as importantly, success in the elections will strengthen the Socialist Alliance’s ability to build future struggles “on the ground” — the better placed we will be to continue the struggles for environmental sustainability, civil liberties, workers’ rights and justice for Indigenous Australians. That will be true whichever major party wins government.

The Socialist Alliance election campaign is already under way.

But how much more we can do depends directly on you. To run a reasonable campaign we need at least $50,000, and to make a serious splash $100,000.

While Liberal and Labor rake in millions from the public funding of parties and from their corporate friends, our election campaign depends totally and exclusively on the support we get from members and supporters.

Your donation will make a difference, for this election campaign and beyond (see below for some ideas of how much your donation would buy for our campaign). And remember, all donations up to $1500 are tax deductible.

Please give as generously as you can manage, and make an investment in the socially just and environmentally sustainable world to which we are all committed.

Yours in solidarity,

Sam Watson                               
July 2010

The more you can give, the more our socialist message will be heard!

How much will my donation help the 2010 Socialist Alliance election campaign?
1000 profile stickers        $150
Deposit to run one House of Representatives candidate         $500
How to votes for one electorate        $600
Deposit to run one Senate candidate                $1000

Donations to the WA campaign team can be paid by:
* Deposit or Transfer to: Socialist Alliance State Committee [CBA, BSB: 066 003  Account: 1014 0921]
* Post cheque or money order made out to "Socialist Alliance" to PO Box 204, Northbridge 6865
* Come into the Activist Centre (15/5 Aberdeen St, East Perth - next to McIver station) (we're there most of the time but may be best to phone first to check 9218 9608 or 0413 976 638.)
* Make a credit card payment over the phone (ph 9218 9608 or 0413 976 638)

[IMPORTANT: If you transfer or deposit directly into our account, we need you to email (perth[at] or phone (9218 9608) your details because we can't accept anonomous donations.]